Casting Call for Will Smith Movie

A friend of mine sent this to me and I am passing it on to you. Seems like a nice opportunity.

They are looking for extras to be in major movie by the name of "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith. This is for male and female adults and children of all ethnicities.

The job is for six (6) days (possibly more if needed), which are Jan. 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31 and you must work all six (6) days.
Pay rate is $75.00 for the first 10hrs and over time for anything beyond 10hrs.

The types that we are looking for are as follows:
*Adults, male/female of all ethnicities, playing characters ranging from Wall Street types to homeless people to hip hop guys to Cheksea hipsters.
*Adults, male/female of all ethnicities with kids *kids, male/female of all ethnicities, ages 6-14 and should have one adult working with them.
They must have working permits, and can bring homework to set.

All extras must be non-union. Adults without kids will work from 1pm until 6am.
Adults with kids will work from 4pm until midnight.

Everyone who is interested and can be available for all six (6) days, please contact Rod directly at .
When you respond please submit the following information: Name, age, ethnicity, type that you will be playing, and phone number.
This will be an outdoor shoot at South Street Seaport, so bring and wear very warm clothes and outerwear. NO LOGOS.
There will be warming pens and breaks.

Bad News..... Good News

In keeping up with my accelerated, "catch-up" posts, I must include this period of time which was high and low for me. Starting with the bad news, I lost two close friends at the end of November. One of which was one of my best friends. Corey and Randall will truly be missed. They were two caring, loving and all around sincere people.

The died within a week of each other and so of course their funerals were very close. Corey's was here in Jersey City on a Thursday and Randall's was on that Saturday in Savannah. Randall's death really hurt me to my heart. Not only was he one of my best friends but just the way that he died was unnerving. He became HIV+ after his lover (they were no longer together at the time of his death and we will call him T), was still sleeping with his ex-lover while still with Randall. T's ex-lover has full blown AIDS and therefore T passed everything to Randall. On top of that, while I was in Savannah a friend of mine showed me on Adam where T and the ex-lover have a profile looking for sex and not telling the truth about thier HIV status. T wonders why he wasn't allowed at the funeral by Randall's family and why mutual friends resent him.

Anyway, for the good news. My roommate and I rode to Savannah together and he decided that he wanted to drop his car off in Atlanta. This allowed for me the chance to pick my car up in Indy from my dad's house. While there I was able to spend time with family and friends and am so glad I had that opportunity. Not only am I glad to pick up my car, and see my family but I was really able to see how much my dad has sacrificed to help me while in grad school and even up to today. Just goes to show that even though family may make you mad, you should continue to love and embrace them as people are constantly evolving and my change for the better. God bless him. Anyway, here are some pics of my brother Trae and his wife and kids. I will post some later of my dad and stepmom.

Now for something recent. I was offered the position today that I had been interviewing for over the past month, since the funerals. I even was able to get them to give me $2000 more a year than they orignally offered. Happy Days!!!

I'm Back Like a Bad Dream

Well, after a much needed and longer than planned break, I am back. I will have a lot to catch everyone up with my life. Lord knows that there is plenty to talk about. So come back frequently to stay up to date (if interested, LOL). So I will start at the last entry and begin my accelerated catch up. And yes, I will try to keep them short for ease of reading.

I have been free-lancing since September doing programming and web work. I know that some people think that this is an awsome experience, but it definitely has its drawbacks. Although I work on projects on my own time, work from home, "am my own boss", and decide which projects I want to work on I have come to the realization on a few other things.

1. When free-lancing you will sometimes have periods that you don't have jobs. No work = no money. So you have periods that you are doing fine and then all of a sudden...... silence. When that happens you sit at home, broke.

2. You have to work three times as hard as you do on a normal 9-5. In order to try avoiding problem #1, you must constantly be on the look out, networking for new jobs. Meaning that you really don't set your own hours because you MUST make yourself available 24/7 just for the prospect of a job.

3. You really aren't your own boss. You still have to present your work to someone for critique and Must provide in order to be paid. You must also still work within their timeframe.

4. Working from home can make you very lazy. There have been times when I haven't left the house for days. Then find yourself taking showers later and later and before you know it you have almost been more than a day. Nasty, right? But true.

5. No benefits

I have lately been interviewing for a few full-time jobs or 9-5 for those very reasons. I had a company here in Jersey that has called me back for the fourth interview today. It seemed to go well and will know something by tomorrow.

Too Funny

By Request

Someone asked me to post this to my blog. They sent the message as "anonymous" but will oblige the request anyway. These are some of my older works (last year). I will be posting some new work pretty soon. Anyway, here they are. You must click on the image and yes they have sound.




I know that I have posted anything to my blog in a while but I have been kind of busy. My job at the school (NYU) has ended since I have graduated (have to keep that position open to students). So now I have been supporting myself by free-lance work. I have been doing websites, programming, and installation art for various people including the London, England Museum of Art. I have now realized how much I hate free-lance work. I do not like living without a steady check. It is too hard to plan for antyhing. On top of that you have to work three times as hard just to find the clients before you even start working. Not to mention that there are periods of 2-3 days that I don't leave the house. Don't get me wrong, I thank God for the opportunity but have been applying for a few jobs outside of the free-lancing.

The interview process for these jobs that I have applied for is taxing. On one job, I have had 2 email interviews, 1 phone interview, and two, 2 hour interviews. The other I have had 2 email interviews, 3 phone interviews, and one, 3 hour interview. I just want one of them to say that I have it or not. I know, I should be grateful that I am evidently still in the running for these positions. It is just that these interviews have been spread over a month and in the meantime I have been somewhat reluctant to start other free-lance jobs. That is because I don't want to start a job and then be hired with one the companies and not be able to finish.

Anyway, that is what is going on. In the meantime I have been able to work on my own personal projects during the down time. When I finish some of them, I will post them.

BTW here are some pics that I didn't post from the West Indian Day Parade. Rep'ing the DR.

Midweek Laugh

This is a piece called "Fallen Art". I first saw it at "The Animation Show" last year. Found it on YouTube and just had to post. It is about 5:41 long. Tell me, am I wrong?

This is one of the bumpers from AdultSwim. This cracks me up just about every night. Not only is the dancing and editing of this funny but you have to read the subtitles.

Paranoia Agent

There is a show on Adult Swim (wink @ ShawnQT) called Paranoia Agent. It came on after my normal AS lineup but the theme song used to wake me up every morning. For some strange reason, I have really grown to like the intro and had to make it a point to see the show. I was intrigued when saw how contrary to the look and feel of the intro is from the show. Paranoia Agent is an anime series about people who have been backed into a mental corner and can't escape until a bat weilding, roller skating boy, dubbed Lil' Slugger by the media, sets them free from their own endless void by whacking them back into reality. But is this boy real or just a lie to relieve stress from these people's lives? Two detectives set out to find the truth, but only one person knows the truth. Although the show's leitmotiv is a little comical, a lot of the subject matter of the characters is thought provoking.

Viewing some of the episodes had me thinking about my own life and whether or not I'm a bit paranoid. The definition of paranoia is "a mental disorder characterized by systematized delusions and the projection of personal conflicts, which are ascribed to the supposed hostility of others, sometimes progressing to disturbances of consciousness and aggressive acts believed to be performed in self-defense or as a mission." according to dictionary dot com. And according to that definition I will have to say that I have a bit of paranoia and just like the show, need someone to come whack me in the head. A prime example is in one of my last posts. I talked about how I felt on the topic of insecurities and gave an example or two. When you confront a lover/bf with suspicions of flirting/cheating it is usually because you have had a previous bad experience with that and are internally wrestling with the issue. In other words, you are projecting your personal conflict and assign it to the supposed violator with the state of mind of protecting self. Sometimes what was seen as flirting or cheating are delusions. I need to do some more self evaluation on this topic. Do I have the same issues with selecting friends, who I date, etc? What are your paranoias?

Click on the image below to see the trailer

Here is the intro with the song I like:

My Life Last Week

I will post about some other issues going on in my life shortly but for now just know that I celebrated my freedom, myself, and the unloading of the unneeded stress in my life this last week. It started on last Monday hanging out with some friends after work. I never stay out that late and not normally with that crowd but I thoroghly enjoyed myself.

Tuesday, I went to Salsa lessons and it was fun as usual. Met a few more friends there and walked around town afterwards.

Then on Thursday, my friend T bought me a ticket to a concert with my girl Joanna Newsom. It was out at McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn. That pool is huge. The whole crowd was in the pool with plenty of room for the state, sound board and vendors with room left over. Joanna was awesome singing some of her old stuff, however, the new stuff seemed...... very long. One song was over 15 minutes.

Attended JC Pride and ran into soooo many of my friends. I planned on only staying a couple of hours but wound up closing it down. It was a totally different vibe the NYC Pride. It was mad cool. People actually took the time to meet and greet and it wasn't all about who you can hook up with today. There was a homeless lady there that everyone made feel at home. At one point in time they had put her in her shopping cart and began pushing it with a conga line behind it. She loved it, she started vogueing with some of the gurls and was hilarious. I also ran into a young friend and was brought to tears. At 16 years old, he has already been bashed physically beyond recognition and emotionally by people. Some others and myself have had to come to his aid on several occasions but for that day he was actually living his life free and uninhibited. Having the time of his life. I mean, I actually teared up. I am glad that I was able to see that. It was a good day, although I still don't understand the statue at Exchange Place.

Here are some pics from the dance party.

A friend of mine told me about the Annual Latex Ball. I had heard so much about the balls and had only slightly experienced the "goings on" at Escuelita. We arrived there at 8 p.m. and was there until after 4 a.m. I really had a good time. Especially since Janet Jackson was there. Yes, the diva herself. Sorry that the pics didn't show up too well but some did come out kind of cool. And no, I couldn't get a pic of Janet, she was too far away.

Finally, my girl Cathy had a house warming party at her place. A small group of us met at her joint and had some wonderful cooking by Cathy and great conversation. We laughed our azzes off. Did you guys know that Cathy can booty bounce?!? Jordan (AKA KnightWriter) is funny as hell, she needs her own show. My boy Jared rode out there with me and was his normal enchanting self.

For Your Weekend Pleasure

I met Osiris (Chris Annibell) back during the winter at one of Afrokinetic's events that he hosts every Saturday night. I loved the whole vibe of the joint. He and the other DJ's have created a spot that is about mad love and the music is hot. There are live percussionists that play with the music and anyone can join in. The music brings you the best in rock, soul, classic hiphop + world rhythms.

Here is a sample of the music that is played.
Click here

For those who are interested, there is an event on tomorrow.
Every Saturday
Brooklyn's Garden Party
@ 718 Brooklyn Diner

DJ Chris Annibell in the mix + Amon on percussion every Saturday night, outdoors in Brooklyn, rain or shine...

8.26.06 special guest DJ OP (nu-ish)

Event Information:
Every Saturday
11:00 PM – 4:00 AM
id required, 21+
cover: $10

Venue Information:
718 Brooklyn Diner (formerly Miss Williamsburg), BKLYN
206 Kent Ave bet. N3 and Metropolitan
trains: L to Bedford, JMZ to Marcy, G to Metropolitan

Here are some images from the site.

Hope This Doesn't Sound Preachy

Watching this week's episode of Noah's Arc triggered something that I have been pondering for a little while. For those who haven't seen it, I won't go into great detail about the whole episode but talk about the scenario. This week, Alex realizes that he still has issues with Trey (his bf) hanging so closely with Guy (the "straight" friend). When Alex decides to "check up" on them one night he says that he has issues with his insecurities.

Before I go on, I must say that the following is a generalization and doesn't apply to everyone and are of my feelings. This statement of being insecure bothers me for a couple of reasons. From talking with a few people the connotation of insecure changed. It has developed into saying that the one feeling insecure doesn't feel adequate enough to keep their lover. Therefore, feels the need to "check up" on their lover frequently in order keep the best thing that they have going for them. With that being said, this mentality seems a little warped to me. WE ALL KNOW that in this lifestyle that you can get laid and/or be in an awful relationship regardless of how you look. You can be fat, thin, what some consider ugly, to drop dead gorgeous and it doesn't matter. Unfortunately, all that matters to some is that you are willing to lay down long enough. Now, that is not to say that some have it easier than others. So if someone in this case is "checking up" on their lover isn't really about trying to keep their lover as the only thing they can get but to protect something greater. They are trying to protect their investmet. Yes, I said investment. They have invested their time, money, and most importantly their heart into the relationship and are trying to protect themselves. In other words, it is not about the lover. Afterall, you can trust people with material things like cars, money, clothes, etc because if they take it you can replace it with same thing or something greater. It isn't the same with your heart. If they take it, you are never really quite the same.

Second of all, the denotation of the word is "The state of feeling insecure; uncertainty; want of confidence". If this is the case, then I feel the lover should WANT to change whatever behaviour that is causing this lack of confidence within reason. For example, if your lover comes to you and expresses that they feel uncomfortable because lately you have been spending a lot of time with a specific person. You can handle it one of two ways. You can tell them that they are over-reacting, call them insecure and tell them that they need to trust you and just end the conversation. Or, you can try to find a way that will appease your lover while keeping your friend. Some ideas would be to not hang around that friend alone until you lover feels comfortable. Invite your lover with you when hanging with that friend. In other words, compromise.

I believe the greatest problem with black and latino relationships is the lack of healthy communication. Meaning, instead of always joking around, talk about some of the issues in the back of your head. When someone is talking to you, make an effort to listen and not just hear what they are saying. Quit relying on cliches to side-step the conversation because it makes you feel uncomfortable. These things lead to one person feeling insecure (denotation) about the relationship. And you can't have a healthy relationship if one has unresolved issues.

I'm Too Butch For You

Last night I received a call from this guy that I met through a friend. We have hung out together previously, mostly movies and going out to eat but always in a group. He had obtained my phone number from our mutual friend and has called on various occasions but last night we talked about going out without the mutual friend.

I need to describe him to you. He is a very nice guy. An always endearing, middle-aged, white man that I admire for being so open with his sexuality. He has women tops and necklaces and closets full of long gowns that he wears 24/7 with pride. I'm talking about the type of stuff the Laura Bennett from Project Runway would design.

Well, we meet up at this club that I had never been to before. It was awesome, nice music, huge dance floor, hot go-go boys, and crowded as hell. I will have to say that it is definitely one of those Chelsea clubs. Meaning that there were so many interracial couples in there that it caused me to think of Clay's post. LOL I mean even to the point that at our table, EVERY couple was black/white. But back to my story, we hung out for most of the night and then out of nowhere he asked "so how do you kiss someone that you are interested in?" I was like what kind of question is that?!? Then he precedes to tell me to show him. Later that night, he tried to pull me in one of the many dark corners of that place. I was so blown, I wasn't expecting that at all. I didn't kiss him or go into the back ho-corners with him because he is a little too fem for me. But that has left me wondering; am I being hypocritical by counting him out from dating soley for the very reason that I admire him?


I loved this group back in the day. Lately been thinking about the CD "Good 4 We" and how I wish I still had it. Found this on-line. Does anyone remember them?

Then I came across this one. How I miss Phyllis Hyman.

Video Post

Sorry but I had to post this. These are two of my favorite singers (Kathleen Battle and Jessye Norman) and I love this song. Never knew there was a video for it. Hope you enjoy

Anyone who knows me knows that I am somewhat of a fan of Yanni. That's right, Yanni. He is an amazing composer and lately he has had some amazing black and latino talent featured. He has an amazing violinist (Karen) and two backup singers featured primarily on the Tribute CD that I love (Vann and Alfreda). Alfreda can sing anything from opera to squawling. Here is her singing an aria.

I am looking for one of the clips with Alfreda squawling but in the meantime, found this one also.

Here is Vann being featured in this piece. She is not only beautiful but has a set of lungs. It is a little long but worth it. To get to the main part of the song, fast forward to 5 minutes.

This one shows most of them in action. Karen (viola), Vann (thinner singer) and Alfreda.

Here is another one of Karen in action. I love all of the solos in this one. Listen to the drummers, they are awesome during their solos. And of course, Karen.... If it is too long for you to watch, just fast forward to the 5 minute mark and watch her and the conductor battle it out.

CC6 Submission/CC7 Theme

This is what I have so far for CC6's submissions. A couple of people told me that theirs is on the way so check back for theirs. This challenge's theme was "Building".

Here are my submissions. Click on image to see larger version:

CC7 Theme: "Dream"

Again, anything dealing with your perception of dream. Feel free to stretch your imagination. It can be a poem, pictures that you have taken, graphic design, motion design, programming, writing, etc The deadline for this one is 8/30.

Congratulations delaleuverses (Cathy)

The lovely, vivacious and always enchanting Cathy (delaluuverses) read some of her poetry Monday night at the 13 Club. These poets come together every Monday night at the 13 bar around 7:30 p.m. They have formed a group and compete nationally and believe me when I say, it shows. There are a lot of wonderful poets that show up there each week creating and sharing their work. They also have a sign-up list as they foster up-and-coming poets in an atmosphere of mad love and a spirit of fun. Plus the buy-one, get-one free drink special doesn't hurt. I will post more details on later but I just wanted to post and tell Cathy congratulations for her reading on Monday night. She said that she was nervous but I couldn't tell. Do your thang!!!

Here are some of the pics:

If you enjoy poetry and are mad that you missed Cathy's event, don't, you can catch an event sponsored by Stehen Earley Jordan (Bougie Black Boy):

Stained Tongues III: An Artistic Experience

Host: Stephen Earley Jordan
Location: Stain Bar
766 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY View Map
When: Friday, August 11, 9:00pm
Phone: 718/387-7840
Come join us at Stainbar, for the 3rd STAINED TONGUES: An Artistic Experience with a night of spoken word with a diverse crew of Poets, hosted by Jorge Abreu and Stephen Earley Jordan II (author of Beyond Bougie). Stained Tongues is a monthly event, taking place every 2nd Friday of the month.

Enjoy the great music, great drinks, and of course great Spoken Word artists.

L-train at Union Square to Brooklyn (Grand Street) --ONLY 15 minutes.

Near Speechless

As some of you may remember, I posted about a panel discussion that took place on Friday night called "No Jimmies Allowed". I went expecting to hear and discuss the phenomena of unsafe sex parties. When I left, I have to admit, I was very disturbed.

The panel included Lidell Jackson (Founder/Host Jacks of Color), Don Kao (Director, Project Reach) and M. Tokes Osubu (Executive Directory GMAD - Gay Men of African Descent). The discussion started off with introductions from each one of them and then quickly turned to an event that you may have heard about. Evidently there was a unsafe sex party planned a few months ago in which the flyer stated that no jimmies would be allowed. On top of that, anyone caught using one or trying to practice safe sex would be asked to leave WITHOUT a refund. Upon receiving this unsolicited email, Osubu quickly brought it to the public's attention that this type of behavior is still going on. He even picketed outside the location of the party on the day of. After this was stated, the backlash was unreal. Every comment and the overall consensus were against Osubu's actions.

Some stated that it was not his right to publicize the "going's on" at the party by picketing outside. That if anyone was attending that party, then they were part of the consenting adults who chose to attend. People are well informed about the spread of HIV/AIDS and can decide for themselves whether or not to engage. Osubu is acting in the manner of religion today by wanting to scare everyone into safe sex. That the organizers were just trying to provide a place, for people who engage in this type of behaviour behind close doors, to meet and experience other like-minded individuals.

Granted, I agree with them in saying that consenting adults should be allowed to make their own decisions and live their lives. If someone didn't agree with my sexual behaviour, I wouldn't want for them to go to that extreme to stop me. After all, it was printed on the flyer what was going on. However, my head was filled with concerns about that mentality.

When I was 18, maybe even older, I was considered grown but due to my immaturity I engaged in some unsafe behaviours. Primarily because I was naive enough to think that if people who are older than I are doing it, it must be ok. Thank God that I matured and began taking responsibility before too late. With that said, are young, trusting, naive people going to this parties never to be the same again? Paying for that one mistake for the rest of their life. Are they checking ID at these parties to ensure that the attendees are of proper age? Are they explaining to people the risk that they are taking before entering? Why are they not only banning safe sex but penalizing you for it also? What about those who are mid-aged but mentally (for whatever reason) are not capable of understanding the risk that they are taking? Should African-American and Latinos be more concerned with the spread of HIV/AIDS since we are more disproportionately infected? Should we have more extreme measures for prevention? Should we allow this to go on unchallenged?

I guess that most disturbing part of all this is that the panel and everyone who commented mentioned that they are HIV+. What do you think?

KnowHIVAIDS: website *** pamphlet

Time To Vote

ShawnQT advised me a weblog contest that he is entering. You can check out Shawn's post here. Cast your vote for the various categories in the 2006 Black Weblog Awards. Click here for the site.


* The Black Weblog Awards are for weblogs for, by and/or about Black people. If you've got a question on what a Black weblog is, feel free to browse any of last year's winners.

* Only one ballot can be submitted per person. You can only enter one website in each field in the nomination form. If you feel a website can qualify for more than one category, feel free to submit it for several categories. However, you can only submit one website for each field. Think of it like a presidential election...except with no hanging chads or faulty Diebold machines.

* You must have a valid e-mail address to submit a ballot. Your information will not be used in any other way except for ballot tabulation, but fake and "anti-spam" addresses will not be accepted. Actually, the form will take them, but those ballots will be deleted.

* For nomination and finalist forms, the following rules apply:
o URLs are required for each nominated site. Please make sure it's the correct URL before submitting, spelling and all.
o Nominees must fit the category for which they are submitted. This is mostly up to the discretion of the BWAs; if we can't tell that the submitted site fits in the category nominated, then that vote will not be counted.
o You can not nominate your own blog. However, feel free to persuade your readers to nominate you. This also applies to finalists; you cannot vote for your own blog.
o No mailbots or spammers!

Nomination and Voting Procedure

Nominations will be open from August 1 - August 15 in each of the categories. On August 16, the top three nominated sites from each of the categories will be posted and open voting for the finalists will open from August 16 - August 31.

Voting will close at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on August 31.

Winners will be announced on September 3.


If you are involved in a relationship with someone and you have a secret that you haven't told anyone, if/when is it appropriate to tell your lover? Under what circumstances?

CC5 Submission(s)/CC6 Theme

Ok, I extended the deadline for this one and at the time of this post I don't have any submissions other than mine. Shawn, don't make me cut you. lol.

I wrote a short story that inspired this piece but then an old song by Anita Baker came on and is exactly what I was feeling. Although it isn't finished I decided to post the lyrics of the song with the pic.

"I can remember stories, those things my mother said. She told me fairy tales, before I went to bed. She spoke of happy endings, then tucked me in real tight. She turned my night light on, and kissed my face good night. My mind would fill with visions, of perfect paradise. She told me everything, she said he'd be so nice. He'd ride up on his horse and, take me away one night. I'd be so happy with him, we'd ride clean out of sight.

She never said that we would, curse, cry and scream and lie. She never said that maybe, someday he'd say goodbye. The story ends, as stories do, reality steps into view. No longer living life in paradise.

She spoke about happy endings, of stories not like this. She said he'd slay all dragons, defeat the evil prince. She said he'd come to save me, swim through the stormy seas. I'd understand the story, it would be good for me. You never came to save me, you let me stand alone. Out in the wilderness, alone in the cold. My story ends, as stories do, reality steps into view. No longer living life in paradise or fairy tales.

I don't look for pie up in the sky, baby. Need reality, now. Said I don't feel the need to be pacified, don't you try. Honey, I know you lied. You never came to save me, you let me stand alone. Out in the wilderness, alone in the cold. I found no magic potion, no horse with wings to fly. I found the poison apple. My destiny to die. No royal kiss could save me, no magic spell to spin. My fantasy is over, my life must now begin. My story ends, as stories do, reality steps into view. No longer living life in paradise or fairy tales." - Anita Baker

Here is ShawnQt's submission. Click on the image to enlarge

CC6's Theme: Building

This theme has been submitted by Dapper. Simple, right?!? Anything to do with a building. The deadline for this one is 8/15.

No Jimmies Allowed

Men of All Colors Together/NY presents:
"No Jimmies Allowed"

A recent announcement from a gay party circuit organizer promoting an event for men of color at which condoms were to be prohibited sent shock waves through the gay community.

On August 4th, MACT will host a panel and open discussion on the current sex scene, with an emphasis on private parties, "barebacking," and safe sex issues. Safe sex, unsafe sex... Where are the boundaries?

Join us for a free-ranging discussion of the issues.

Guest Panelists:
Lidell Jackson (Founder/Host Jacks of Color)
Don Kao (Director, Project Reach)
Laron E. Nelson (M.S., N.P., R.N., Center for High Risk Children and Youth University of Rochester Medical Center)
M. Tokes Osubu (Executive Directory GMAD - Gay Men of African Descent)

Friday, August 4
8:00 p.m.
LGBT Community Center
208 West 13th Street, NYC

Greatly Anticipated

One of my favorite videographers is coming out with a new movie within the next two months. Michel Gondry is truly unique and has produced many of today's best music videos (Bjork, Cody Chestnut, Kanye West, White Stripes, Neneh Cherry, and Wyclef to name a few), produced many of the more interesting tv commercials, along with other great movies (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). Plus it is starring Gael Garcia Bernal (La Mala educación,Bad Education). Anyway, here is the info:

The Science of Sleep (, Rated: NR)

Directed by Academy Award Winner Michael Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and starring Gael Garcia Bernal (The King), The Science of Sleep is a surreal exploration of inner space set inside of one man's dreams. Since his childhood, Stephane (Garcia Bernal) has inverted reality and dreams, and after taking on an overwhelming new career, he begins to try and take control of his dream life in lieu of the control he lacks over his real life.

Website: Click Here

Trailer: Click Here

To see why I am excited, poke around his works at: Click Here

My Addiction

One of my favorite movies is "Requiem for a Dream" released in 2000. It basically is about how four ambitious people whose lives are shattered when their drug addictions begin spiraling out of control. I won't go into much detail about the movie for those who haven't seen it but will say that it deals with various forms of addictions. It deals with substance, food, money, co-dependency, emotional, and sexual additions among others.

After watching it this weekend, I wondered what are my addictions. I actually went to church on Sunday (a gay-friendly one for those who frequent my blog). It was at 96th and Broadway. Afterwards I walked from 96th to 38th street pondering that question. I realized one is that I am addicted love or at least feeling love. When I say that, I mean outside of my loving family and friends. I'm talking about relationship-wise.

In an..... argument on Saturday, I was told that when I become interested in someone, that I cling on and don't want to let go. The sad thing is that I know that it is true. Hell, even My Love Style Results said it. I realize that I try to hold on to love like Star Jones holds on to the last piece of chicken. I even go into dating wide-eyed yet not seeing anything like the diluted pupil of a crack addict. I keep trying to force my type of committment and intensity into people who are contaminated with other issues, like a heroin addict shooting up in an infected arm. I throw myself completely into them with the hopes of making it work. Neglecting or stealing time away from friends, and loved ones and declining prospective dates like an addict that steals from their loved ones and friends trying to get their next hit. Hawking my best intentions of love only for someone to receive it for less like a family heirloom that someone receives from the pawn shop for $10. I know that others view my desperate acts as lugubrious and pathetic but like the addict shaking and looking like a derelict I am too wrapped up in my addiction that I either don't care or notice. When I finally notice how far I've let myself go, I decide to pull it together like an addict going into detox. And just like some addicts, I suffer from habitual relapse.

Yolanda Post

The audio is very low but had to post. Yolanda was on point on this.

Klein Sexual Orientation Grid

I scored an average of 3.62




This result can also be related to the Kinsey Scale:

0 = exclusively heterosexual
1 = predominantly heterosexual, incidentally homosexual
2 = predominantly heterosexual, but more
than incidentally homosexual
3 = equally heterosexual and homosexual
4 = predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally
5 = predominantly homosexual, incidentally heterosexual
6 = exclusively homosexual


The idea of this excercise is to understand exactly how dynamic a person's sexual orientation can be, as well as how fluid it can be over a person's lifespan. While a person's number of actual homo/heterosexual encounters may be easy to categorize, their actual orientation may be completely different. Simple labels like "homosexual", "heterosexual", and "bisexual" need not be the only three options available to us.

Take the quiz

Harlem Book Fair/Creative Challenge 5

My girl delaleuverses sent this info to me. Just passing it on.

The 8th annual Harlem Book Fair will be held on Saturday, July 22, on West 135th Street, between 5th and 7th Avenues, from 11 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Publishers, writers, literacy vendors will exhibit and author panel discussions will be televised by C-Span's Book TV. Opening the book fair's festivities will be the Wheatley Book Award ceremony on Friday, July 21, from 7pm to 9pm, at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, a branch of the New York Public Library. This year's awardees will be announced on Thursday, July 13, at the Harlem Book Fair Media Reception, held at Commerce Bank in Harlem.
This year the Harlem Book Fair proudly inaugurates the International Pavilion, broadening the scope and footprint of the fair. Publishers from Africa, Australia, England, and Canada will be in attendance offering provocative and scholarly titles of interest to the most discerning of readers.
The Harlem Book Fair is free and open to the public. Please email to to reserve seating for the Wheatley Award program.

More info here.

Creative Challenge 5

Don't forget to vote on your favorite submission for the Creative Challenge 4. See 7/13 post below.

The theme for CC5 is "Juvenile Style" This theme was submitted by shawnqt. The idea is to take a situation in your life now (i.e. love, rant, family, etc) and tell and/or illustrate it using drawings like those of a kindergartener. As always, feel free to push the boundaries of the topic.

Per request the time period between each challenge has been extended. They will now be two a month. One due on the 15 and the other on the 30. The deadline for CC5 entries is 7/30.

Creative Challenge 4 Submissions

This is my submission. Click on the image to launch. For the cover, I chose a raven for a few reasons. Most people want to associate the raven with death. However, myths from all over the world depict different symbolisms. The raven is not only an intelligent bird but they pair off into lifelong monogamous and extremely territorial relationships. The courtship can involve such fun and games as synchronised snow sliding, and, of course, the synchronised flight test. In the northwest coast region, the raven is both demiurge and trickster, both hero and villain, and often at one and the same time. A main characteristic of Raven in Irish and Welsh myth is that of prophesy.

This is delaleuverses' submission. Click on the image to visit her blog and read her entry.

If you haven't made it to her blog, you are really missing a treasure. This is one creative sister. Thanks so much, delaleuverses, for the idea and participating. I love you and your creativity.

Fuzzy's Submission;

Dear Diary,

I can't believe that I'm about to write this. I am even embarrassed that I actually did this. Let me tell you what my day was like today. It was a sunny humid very hot day in the beginning of July. I had just gotten outta 8th grade for summer break. Anyway, I think the temperature must have reached around a hundred. I really didn't care how hot it was but only that it was hot. I asked mom if I could go ride my bike at Rahway Park. She told me to be careful and to take a bottle, for water. I got on my bike and off I went to Rahway Park. When I got to the park I zoomed down the entrance hill on the bike pathway. I love riding fast on my bike. Once you reach that certain speed and you get this air in your face that cools you off as if you were in an air conditioned room. It felt great! After passing the walkers, joggers, runners, skaters, and even some bikers about five or six times, I got a lil tired. I took that bottle that I brought with me and stopped at the snack shop in the middle of the park. Walked on the side of the shop, the part that is sheltered, right across the walkway from the restrooms. I sat there and cooled off by drinking my water in the shade. I saw this guy; I knew he was from the high school. He was good looking and I was a lil attracted to him. I followed him to the restroom. I looked at him up and down and then left and right upon entering the restroom. I walked up to the non-divided urinals, where he was currently peeing, and started to do my thing. I looked next to me and there he was. It was a hand that gripped his penis like he was going to jerk it. I thought to myself he's got a nice long dick, just a lil longer than mine! Right after I thought it I said it out loud. He turned to me as he was shaking preparing to leave and said, "Thanks..." I was dumbfounded. Speechless even! Then he said on his way out the door in a momentary glance at me, " do you" I had just walked up to a complete stranger and complimented his dick, then got a compliment in return! I'm going to sleep a happy man!

-Da Shi Fu


Don't forget to post which is your favorite (exclude mine). The winner wins a gift from me.

Colors Magazine Notebook

I found this very interesting and thought I would post it. I have the notebook if you would like to contribute.

The first COLORS magazine, written, illustrated and edited by you.
This copy of COLORS Magazine is to be filled with your drawings, pictures and words. Think of it as a COLORS issue where you are the editor, art director, illustrator and photographer. Choose a subject matter and tell your stories, truths, fears, adventures, ideas, inventions, dreams and experiences. Once you are finished send it back to us.

It will become part of the COLORS NOTEBOOK Project that will be exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in Paris at the end of October 2006. Thousands of COLORS Magazines to celebrate freedom of expression.

More info here

Just For Laughs

This is for my PC users

This is old but still too funny
Click on image to view movie

When was the last time that it felt like the first time?

I remember the first time that I voluntarily had sex with someone. I say voluntarily because as I mention in an earlier post (My Earliest Childhood Memories) that I was molested as a child.

I remember that I was supposed to baby-sit my cousins after I returned from helping with the Miss Circle City Classic Pageant. I found out they were going to have an after party and really wanted to go. I talked my other brother into babysitting for me but had to pick him up. By the time I arrived at the after party, I found out that they had moved it. Since I didn't know how to get to the other location, I went back to my uncle's house. Once there the dog, who normally adored me, kept growling. He was a great dane and towered over me when on two legs, I didn't think it wise to be left there after my aunt and uncle left and figured I will just go home. Just then, the neighbor (Tyrone) came over. He had this look that captivated me. He asked me what was up. I told him that I was about to leave because the dog was growling at me and was sure that my brother could hold it down. He asked, why don't you come on over and hang out with me and my cousin. I was a little hesitant but thought what the hell. Over to his house we were watching a movie when the phone rang. It was my aunt. She told me to be careful because Tyrone was bi-sexual. This caused so much excitement in me. I had wanted to have sex (voluntarily) for so long and wondered if this could be it. I laid on the floor in every sexually appealing position I could think of. Finally, he asked me if I would have sex with a man if I were in prison. I thought of some clever answer to allude to the fact that gay doesn't really bother me. About that time the cousin, wanted more to drink and Tyrone told him to go warm up the car. While he was in the car, Tyrone told me to stand up. He pulled out his dick and told me to suck it. I didn't know what the hell I was doing. He had to coach me through the whole thing. I was biting him and sucking too hard. It was horrible. He then got up and begins grinding behind me while playing with my nipples. I felt like I was going to explode. Just the sheer warmth of his body made me shutter with delight. Suddenly there was honking from the car. His cousin was becoming very impatient. Once they had returned from the liquor store, they had a few more drinks and were feeling a little closer to heaven, especially the cousin. Tyrone went into his bedroom for a minute and then yelled out for me to come in there. I went and stood in the door way and there was bi porn playing. I felt as if I could have cum at that moment. I had never seen bi/gay porn or even knew that they existed. He laid me on the bed and began kissing and caressing me. Kissing me on my neck and nipples. I just wanted that to go on all night. When all of a sudden, he reached in this drawer. He pulled out this bottle and began to lube up. I was too scared at this point. I wasn't sure if I really wanted THAT. Suddenly, I thought if it took me this long to find this opportunity, how long before my next one. Maybe I should go through with it. He put his dick right on my hole. I was nervous as hell! Will it hurt, or will it feel good??? He began to slide it in. OMG, what was he doing to me!! He was very gentle. He took his time in pulling all the way in, frequently asking if I was ok. I was so tight that I could feel every vein in his dick. Once in he began moving and sliding it in and out and my eyes rolled in the back of my head a few times. This was not like the last time someone was in me. Then, my mind quickly wandered, where his cousin was. I asked Tyrone and he jumped up quickly pulling on some clothes and ran out of the room. After a while, I thought that something had to be wrong, he was gone too long. I began to try to pull my clothes on. Just then, the door opens up and it is Tyrone and his cousin. I felt like we were busted but Tyrone asked me where I was going. He told me to lie back down. He pulls off his clothes gazing in my eyes as if to tell me everything was ok. He entered me again, in front of his cousin!!! I was confused as hell. Then Tyrone gets up and his cousin who had been preparing in the background climbs on top of me. He was pulling up in me. He wasn't a big as Tyrone and it felt even better. They began this type of tag-team thing on me. I couldn't believe this was happening.

Even though this story was about my first time sexually, I want to know when was the last time it felt like the first time emotionally? When was the last time that you met someone that gave you butterflies? Made you rethink love? Made you forget about JUST you? Made love songs mean something again? Made you walk slower and notice the beauty that God provides, even in the city? Made you more compassionate? Made you want to please them in every way? Made you shutter? When was your last time? I will post mine as part of my creative challenge posting this Friday.

More Artist Opportunities/Events


The Gallery at 3rd Ward is now accepting submissions for a photography show.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Please mail or deliver 8-15 examples of your
work in the following formats.
- JPEG or TIFF files on CD-ROM
- All work and CD-ROMS must be labeled with the artist's name and contact info
- Unmounted/unframed prints should be 11x 14 or smaller
- Include a CV, Artist Statement, image list and estimated price list.

Application fee is $10 (free for members of 3rd Ward) Include a check,
money order (made payable to 3rd Ward) or your 3rd Ward Member ID

You may provide a SASE, though we do not guarantee that materials will
be returned. Do not send original work
All works chosen for the show must be ready to hang.

Submission deadline: July 15th at Noon

Send all materials to:
3rd Ward
Photo Show
195 Morgan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237

For more information - Email
She Shootin'! Aw, Made You Look...
Works by Six Women Photographers

Opening Reception: August 6, 2006, 4-8pm
Works on View: July 29 - August 26, 2006

The Gallery @ Harriet's Alter Ego
293 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11217
(718) 783-2074

Six of Brooklyn's emerging women photographers invite us into their worlds through glimpses into their growing bodies of work. From candid portraiture to guerrilla documentary and street photography, the images included in She Shootin' marks personal stations of these women's photographic journeys.

The women of She Shootin' have varied approaches and histories with the medium of photography:

Inspired by myriad themes, She Shootin' are offerings in frames that are exposures of these women's souls.

For more information please contact 718-783-2074 or
Looking for a space to show your work?

C:U is launching a new subsidized rehearsal
annd performance space program. Please check out the guidelines for

We have a limited # of weeks in the 2006-2007 season, so please apply
early and we hope to see your show on our stage. Please forward your
inquiries to

We are also looking to fill internship positions for the fall in
booking/programming, marketing, development and technical theater. If
you know young folks who want theater experience tell 'em to give us
a shout at

Visit here for details on internships, work-exchange and
volunteering at C:U

The Museum of TV & Radio and Studio IMC invite you to a reception with the

I have personally worked with Studio IMC and it is some impressive work.

Beyond TV: New Media Art from Studio IMC
An Interactive Gallery Exhibit in the Spielberg Gallery
June 2 to August 31, 2006

Reception with the Artists
Thursday, July 20
6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
The Museum of Television & Radio
25 West 52 Street, New York City

From immersive environments similar to the Holodeck on Star Trek:
TNG to singing kinectic sculptures and video art-as-toy, this
exhibit envisions the future of group entertainment and
collaboration and demonstrates what's waiting for us beyond TV.

Come interact with the installations and meet the artists who
created them.

No rsvp-please print this invite as your ticket.
Call 212.621.6800 for more information or visit: and

July 4 Weekend/Creative Callenge 4

Info on my weekend is forthcoming. Was going to blog about it until I received delaleuverses idea for the creative challenge. Now, it will be part of my challenge entry.

This week, Delaleuverses has picked the theme for the challenge. It is an original idea and glad she has offered it up.

Here you go:
"I was thinking of a Dear Diary moment. You will need to create or search for a nice cover that resembles a journal and have members write their most secretive entry with the first line being "Dear Diary..."
for example " Dear Diary, I just had the most orgasmic literature ever read to me...""

You can post the entries to your blog if you like and send me the links or send me an email with your entry. After the posts have been received, the community will vote on their favorite. There will be a prize for the winner. Don't be scared, it is not a date with me. LOL Also, the deadline for this is on 7/14.

My Love Style Results

Your Love Style is Manic

For you, love is the ultimate rollercoaster
And you love to hold on tight and enjoy the ride
Every time you fall in love, it feels like the first time
And while it's exciting and exhilarating...
It's also stressful and scary!

Here are my results from the California one also:
You need to bond emotionally with those you care about in order for it to blossom into love. You also have a desire to fulfill the nurturer role, as well as to be nurtured yourself. Any prospective partner needs to recognize the importance of this. So catch a sensitive Water Sign: Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, and you're likely to be as happy as a clam!

Another Call For Proposals/Don't Forget Saturday

This one if very..... interesting.

A Call For Entries From the RIDER Project 2006


The RIDER Project*, a mobile gallery in the back of a rented truck, is now accepting proposals for its September 2006 exhibition in N.Y.C. Artists, art-collectives, on-line communities and others, including spoken word poets, performance artists and musicians -- are invited to submit proposals.

Artworks can be exhibited within, beneath, above, or upon the RIDER truck gallery, or in the surrounding neighborhood of each exhibition. All media eligible - experimental work encouraged. Deadline June 30.

Special consideration will be given to:
every 25th applicant (with 9 entries per person, maximum); artists from Bedford Stuyvesant, Flatbush or Bushwick, Brooklyn; artists whose names begins with an **L**.

A TRIFECTA means you're IN.

Please submit proposal, images, and resume to

(*Please note that the RIDER Project is a do-it-yourself (d.i.y.) gallery created by participating artists. All artists will be required to help construct the gallery, "gallery-sit", and assist with the cost of the truck rental. Artists must be in N.Y.C. for the duration of the show. 'Alternative' accommodations possible for artists traveling from abroad.)

About the RIDER Project
The RIDER Project is a mobile gallery promoting mobile art and positive social change. For the last four years the nomadic RIDER gallery has brought new ideas, thoughts and feelings into diverse neighborhoods throughout N.Y.C. See for more information!

Celebrate South Africa!
Saturday, July 1
ANGELIQUE KIDJO in a tribute to Brenda Fassi & Miriam Makeba with VUSI MAHLASELA and a very special South African guest
An all-star tribute to two of South Africa's musical legends. The great Beninoise songbird ANGELIQUE KIDJO joins forces with VUSI MAHLASELA and another very special South African guest to perform their own songs along with selections of Fassi's and Makeba's work to celebrate South Africa's rich contribution to the modern African sound. Presented with major support from the South African Consulate General in New York and South Africa Tourism.
More info

Social Change or Stupidity?

I have really been wresting with something for quite a while. So I thought I would post my thoughts in an effort to release and maybe get some feedback.

I grew up in church my whole life. I knew where I was going to be on Sundays for years in advance. I love God and look forward to praising Him and giving Him thanks. Since I moved here, I have been part of a holiness church, which is what I am accustomed to. I enjoy just about everything in the services. However, lately, the pastor has been on this homosexuality kick. Don't get me wrong, I love him and his spirit. He is a wonderful man and even when he preaches about it, it isn't the gay bashing technique that some others do. He usually will just say something like "a man should walk like a man" or "a young woman should be a young woman". I guess to say, he does more alluding. The problem is that this has really made me think. Why do I give my money, time, and gifts to an organization that openly discourages my lifestyle? Why do I subject myself to that?

I understand that some people say that it is a way of social change. That by making ourselves actively seen and to be viable parts of the church that we are forcing them to accept us. I don't know if I agree with this stand for two strong reasons. 1) Just like we don't like people forcing their beliefs on us, why should we force ours on them? They have established a church/organization that doesn't believe in our lifestyle, why am I trying to force my way in? 2) Especially since there are gay and gay-friendly churches everywhere. Why not support these organizations?

I know that we are still in a fight for equal rights but does equal rights mean that we MUST be in EVERY organization that they are in? Or does it mean that we have the OPPORTUNITY to make OUR OWN organization/church and free to worship as we desire?

Artist Opportunities

Sorry that I haven't blogged about anything for a while but have been really busy. I have been commissioned to do an interactive piece for the London Museum of Art. And I don't mean London. Ohio. LOL In the process of interviewing for a steady 9-5 also. Freelance stuff if ok for supplementing my income but prefer a consistent check coming in.

Anyway, the Creative Challenge will continue next week. I want to allow other people to select the topics. Keep checking back for more info. This has been receiving a lot of praise. Actually got some business from the challenge. So artists, this is another way to get your work out there and build up your portfolio.

Speaking of getting yourself out there, here are some opportunities:

Grants Program
Asian American Arts Alliance, Association of Hispanic Arts, Harlem Arts Alliance, and Queens Council on the Arts - in partnership with the Bronx Council on the Arts and New York Foundation for the Arts - announce a new consortium effort, the Urban Artist Initiative / New York City (UAI/NYC). This Initiative will serve individual NYC artists of color and provide them with grants towards the development of new work in all disciplines. Grants, ranging from $250 to $2,500, will be awarded to support new works in all areas of visual, literary, and performing arts in the creation, development, and/or completion stages. In the first phase of this project, UAI/NYC will consider applications from individual artists of color of African, Asian, and Latino descent who reside in one of the five boroughs of New York City. More here

For Haptic, CAFKA invites proposals
for new or existing works that
engage with the theme and the environment in and around City Hall.
Works in all media will be considered including sculpture,
performance, video, audio, installation, photography, painting,
drawing and new media. Video artists are invited to submit work
relating to the theme. CAFKA.07 will create a video compilation to be
screened during the Forum. More here

If anyone is interested in collaborating, please let me know.

Creative Challenge Update

Last week's challenge has been extended until next week by popular request. I think some people really have some ideas for pride. Be sure to put them in the correct folder. See instructions to the right.

Along with the challenge, shawnqt suggested that we have a scavenger hunt for Pride. When thinking of a list, of course, the essentials of any Pride came up such as drag queens, exposed azz, nice breasts (female), and ugly breasts (man-boobs). But then I thought that this may be offensive, afterall there is more to being gay/bi that just that. So I thought about finding couples who have been together 5+ years. This will cause people to interact with others and see that long term relationships ARE possible. What are your suggestions?

My Earliest Childhood Memory

My earliest childhood memory is of me laying on my great-grandmother's floor. The sun was shining brightly and I could hear the neighborhood children playing outside. I was watching tv. and remember my mom and my grandmother waving goodbye. I remember being really concerned on their leaving but went back to watching tv. Afterall, Godzilla vs Gamera was on. How I loved Gamera!!! For you youngsters, he was a flying turtle monster who always fought to protect children. My babysitter then came and sat on the couch behind me. I rememeber him calling my name, Boo. That's right, my nickname was Boo, short for Bookie. Go ahead and laugh........ Is it out of your system yet?......... Ok, how about now?.... Good! Let's continue. He told me to come to him. When I did, he pulled out his dick and told me to suck on it. This evidently was nothing new because, although I don't remember, at that time it was familiar. He then made me take off all of my clothes and lay on my stomach watching tv. It was at this point that I felt him penetrate me. I remember him bouncing on me but I didn't understand what he was doing. I knew that it was wrong and I didn't like it (at least at that time). After he was done, he went into the kitchen and gave me a piece of cake. It had that old school icing on it, you know the thick kind. I hated icing for the longest time.

I was molested for a period of two years, from the age 3-5. I actually remember the whole ordeal which surprises people to this day. I remember vividly the accounts one after another by various people. When I told my parents (later when I was 17) what had happened, they didn't believe me. That was until I described the places down the the type of carpet and the wall colors. I remember my mom breaking down into tears. For the first time I saw my dad emotional in a way that really made me realize the impact it had on them also. To this day, I have never told them who my molesters were. That's right, I said were. They have since died of AIDS. At least the ones that I kept track. I don't rejoice in that but is another reason why I believe in Karma.

Of course, there were many issues and questions resulting from that ordeal. Why didn't that turn me off from sleeping with men, is among them. Maybe one day I will blog about some of those issues and the depth of them. I thank God for the strength to keep my sanity through it all. For parents that raised me in a way that taught me against such things so that I wouldn't repeat the cycle. And who for the rest of my childhood kept me ultra protected.

I am surprised that even with the number of times that I have discussed this with other people, even now I am welling up. For you city-slickers, that means about to cry. LOL Anyway, I was talking with some of the bloggers yesterday and I was surprised with the number of people who had been molested or fondled as a child. This made me think about an impromptu poll to see how many other people this has happened to. If you don't mind sharing, let us know if you were or not and if so, what helped you to get through it.

On a Lighter Note
Created and Directed by Yael Farber
Written in collaboration with the cast based on their life experiences

Based on the real lives of the five South Africans, AMAJUBA: Like Doves We Rise is a breathtaking portrayal of growing up in Apartheid. This unforgettable theatrical experience, told through heartwrenching narration, traditional dance, and stunning a capella harmonies, is a celebration of the strength of the human spirit.

Performed by: Tshallo Chokwe, Roelf Matlala, Bongeka Mpongwana,
Phillip “Tipo” Tindisa and Jabulile Tshabalala


For tickets, please call 212-307-4100 or visit
Plays Tuesday - Sunday at 8pm, Saturday & Sunday at 3pm

No Longer Porno Dude

Just a quick update on .... dum, dum dummmmmmm.... Porno Dude. I talked with him yesterday and this time he definitely remembered me. We talked and the conversation was a lot better this time. Some things that I found out about him are that he is 26 years old. Yes, we talked about the age difference already. He is close to his family and friends. They all get together and play cards and just hang out. He lives in Newark. Which is ok now, I used to be scared of visiting Newark. He is a virgo although I will try not to hold that against him. LOL But most importantly, I brought up the porno thing. He swears that it wasn't him and that he has never been in a porno. I told him that he has a dead ringer for a twin and needs to check it out. Thanks to everyone for the advice and I am glad that I didn't just write him off. Time will tell where it will lead. I will keep you posted.

How Long?

This situation involves a black man but whether black, white, latino, asian or whatever, I can't believe that this still goes on.

Langston Carraway, a 26 year old Black man lived with his girlfriend (a white woman) at Penn State College where he was a senior. He was found murdered in his apartment on Monday, June 5th. He was found with multiple stab wounds to the neck and chest area. On the wall near his body was the word 'NIGGER' smeared in his blood! Police and the Attorney General will not confirm this incident to be race related killing and refuse to release information on the crime scene or the investigation. Yet information on Carraway's criminal record has been conveniently released in an attempt to make the murder drug related.

The Daily News story can be read here.

It is bad enough that this has happened at all but to try to cover it up instead of confronting the true problem is mind-blowing. Historically, this is nothing new at Penn State. They have had several incidents very much like this one. How long will this go on?

Creative Challenge #2 Submissions

The second challenge is finished. There were a few more postings this time. YAY. The topic for this one was "graffitti". I am really excited about the work submmitted. Thank you sooooooo much.

The submissions are posted below, and remember ALL WORKS belong to the submitters. In other words, please contact the submitter for use.


White thick fog arose
I looked out the window
My dark-rimmed eyes cursing the lack of rainbows
Wishing for one last sweet rendezvous of what used to be
Videos of African rhythms that gripped my spirit
Bracketed hips that swayed
Back and forth
Hypnotic eyes lusting for the flesh
His dark flesh
A diplomatic pattern
that showered me
Held me
Wrapped my legs around his body
Glittering lies
Reminding me of what was once fed
Is now a world of famishment
Slowly dead
And I grumbled and ranted
Vile language of my mind
No proof of love in this establishment
No evidence of his floodwater
For he sucked me dry leaving me to die
With bed sheets thirsty for a beam of spotlight
Can I at least stand upright and see a sunrise?
Obscene were his lies covered in the papillae of his tongue
Saliva of a fabricator with foolish speeches
Believing he could save me from past obesity of heartbreak
And I swallowed hard his bit of food still left in my tongue
Began to feel cold as I looked up at the skies
Bowing at me sympathetically
Listing malicious homicide of bleeding clouds
The denouncer of love
Apparent, illuminating my nights
Love had lingered out the door
Leaving me with dust and smoke to inhale
Asthmatic road twitching my nose
No doves circling in the air
A tribe of crows shrilled
Piercing my winter’s merry go round
With graffiti wounds he left behind
(c)2006 by Cathy Delaleu

Posted by Delaleuverses

Posted by ShawnQT

These pieces are pics of standard graffitti combined with algorithmically created graffitti. Click on the pics below to open the applet. Once open, every time you click on the pic, the code recreates the algorithmic graffitti.

You will need to have Java and Quicktime installed. Most computers have it already but they are free downloads in case you don't have it.

Posted by Ty
Art is...
a form of expression that reaches deep within ones soul,
uniquely pure creativity,
a skill that can be learned through experience and/or observation,
something tasteful and appetizing,
a literal collection of words meant to convey a story or meaning,
relaxing to the mind, body and spirit,
a piece of us, as people, expressed for others to experience.

By: Daniel James


Posted by Fuzzy
Derron's Submission

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Posted by Dapper D

The info for next week's challenge can be seen in the right hand panel. Thanks again for everyone that submitted.


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