Creative Challenge 4 Submissions

This is my submission. Click on the image to launch. For the cover, I chose a raven for a few reasons. Most people want to associate the raven with death. However, myths from all over the world depict different symbolisms. The raven is not only an intelligent bird but they pair off into lifelong monogamous and extremely territorial relationships. The courtship can involve such fun and games as synchronised snow sliding, and, of course, the synchronised flight test. In the northwest coast region, the raven is both demiurge and trickster, both hero and villain, and often at one and the same time. A main characteristic of Raven in Irish and Welsh myth is that of prophesy.

This is delaleuverses' submission. Click on the image to visit her blog and read her entry.

If you haven't made it to her blog, you are really missing a treasure. This is one creative sister. Thanks so much, delaleuverses, for the idea and participating. I love you and your creativity.

Fuzzy's Submission;

Dear Diary,

I can't believe that I'm about to write this. I am even embarrassed that I actually did this. Let me tell you what my day was like today. It was a sunny humid very hot day in the beginning of July. I had just gotten outta 8th grade for summer break. Anyway, I think the temperature must have reached around a hundred. I really didn't care how hot it was but only that it was hot. I asked mom if I could go ride my bike at Rahway Park. She told me to be careful and to take a bottle, for water. I got on my bike and off I went to Rahway Park. When I got to the park I zoomed down the entrance hill on the bike pathway. I love riding fast on my bike. Once you reach that certain speed and you get this air in your face that cools you off as if you were in an air conditioned room. It felt great! After passing the walkers, joggers, runners, skaters, and even some bikers about five or six times, I got a lil tired. I took that bottle that I brought with me and stopped at the snack shop in the middle of the park. Walked on the side of the shop, the part that is sheltered, right across the walkway from the restrooms. I sat there and cooled off by drinking my water in the shade. I saw this guy; I knew he was from the high school. He was good looking and I was a lil attracted to him. I followed him to the restroom. I looked at him up and down and then left and right upon entering the restroom. I walked up to the non-divided urinals, where he was currently peeing, and started to do my thing. I looked next to me and there he was. It was a hand that gripped his penis like he was going to jerk it. I thought to myself he's got a nice long dick, just a lil longer than mine! Right after I thought it I said it out loud. He turned to me as he was shaking preparing to leave and said, "Thanks..." I was dumbfounded. Speechless even! Then he said on his way out the door in a momentary glance at me, " do you" I had just walked up to a complete stranger and complimented his dick, then got a compliment in return! I'm going to sleep a happy man!

-Da Shi Fu


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