My Gift

Ok, I broke down and purchased a holiday gift for myself. I splurged on a Sony HD/HDD camcorder. I have to say that I love it. It records on an internal hard disk and I just transfer it directly into my computer. No more tapes. It can record 8 hours of HD video or 22 hours of standard video. With the high definition, the quality is wonderful. I LOVE IT. I also bought the tripod that goes with it. The tripod has all of the controls for the camera on the handle. So I can just zoom, focus, and adjust from the handle without touching the camera. I will post some videos that I've from it soon. It also takes pictures, here are some of the pics that I've taken with it.

Happy Holidays

Just wishing everyone a very happy holiday season.

I am working on something to post next week. Until then, here are some pics of me and some of my friends at my bowling league holiday party. I was glad that they went with me, we had such a good time.

Queen Lover? /Verve

Let me tell you a little story. Last Friday night I went to a little party in Jersey City and I had noticed this one guy who came in and thought he was very attractive. I was kind of drawn to him for some reason. I mentioned to my friend (the host) that I thought this guy was hot. When he asked me who I told him and he agreed.

Later that night I ran into the guy again and we had a nice conversation with a lot of flirting. I noticed that he came across very shy. He wouldn't hardly look me in the face but I thought it was cute. Then I noticed his ass. OMG! It was a work of art, as if God took six days just to mold that. You already know that I'm an ass man so my infatuation heightened.

Finally he said that he had to go to work in the morning and had to leave. As he was heading out, I told my friend (the host) again that I thought he was the do all, be all of all that is and ever shall be. It was then that he realized who I was talking about. He thought I was talking about another guy. His words were, "Don't you know who that is?". My heart kind of sank. I told him no. He then tells me the name (I won't mention it here for privacy) and it is a VERY well known drag queen in the NYC area. You could have smacked me with a monkey.

I have never really been attracted to very feminine guys, let alone drag queens so this rocked me. But then I thought about it, if my friend hadn't told me, I would have pursued it. Now, if he carried himself, while there, in a way that I was comfortable with and he looked like any other guy that I would have dated, why am I trippin'? Maybe being a drag queen is just "a job". Kind of like someone who puts on a work uniform (McDonald's, UPS, NYPD). Well all of that has me doing some self analyzing; can I really see myself dating a drag queen? If so, would I be embarrassed to tell my friends that I am? Why does that sound so shallow of me?

Don't Forget About Verve

As always, Verve features same-gender-loving artists and supplies a venue for them to showcase their talent. I really hope that people will support this endeavour. I have some vids posted below if you would like to get an idea of the event. Please come out, you won't be disappointed. More info here at the Verve Website

Emory's B-Day Bash

One of my good friends, Emory, had a birthday dinner at Lucky Cheng's. I had never heard of the place but Emory's boyfriend, Germono, said it is really interesting. I had no clue as to what I was in for. Long story short, it is an Asian transsexual/drag queen cabaret theatre. I knew that I wasn't ready when our half naked waitress came and introduced herself like "Hi my name is Japanese Fucking Bitch and I will be your waitress. What will you pussy boys like to drink tonight? I suggest the orgy with the flaming pussy as it is very satisfying.". Umm...... yeah, that is how it all started. The night continued with my friend Derrick being pulled up on stage and practically stripped naked, Emory winning the fake orgasm contest, and the ever popular drunken karaoke. Nonetheless, I had a very good time and enjoyed the food totally and the entertainment was something to talk about.

Here are some pics, sorry for the bad quality but my camera is dead ** sniff sniff **. I have to use my cell phone for pics now.


As some of you know, I have been working with a group called the Well Entertainment group. They have been working on a monthly function called Verve. I was called at the last minute to help put a little promo together for it. Here is that piece.

The event was awesome. The venue (Brooklyn Society of Ethical Culture) used to be a mansion back in the day and has been converted. The wood craftsmanship in there was just my taste. I wish I could just buy it and turn it back into a home. The food and wine that they served was very tasty, maybe a bit too tasty for some. Some people just couldn't enough. LOL. But the most exciting were the artists, Nhojj and Crystal Monee Hall. I am so sold on them. Several of their songs that they performed that night are now some of my favorite songs. I haven't had time to edit all of the video but here is a taste. This is Crystal singing "Traveler". The compression isn't too good but will be better on the final export.

You can catch these artists again next month (12/20) as they perform again at this venue. But I will keep reminding you here on my blog.