As some of you know, I have been working with a group called the Well Entertainment group. They have been working on a monthly function called Verve. I was called at the last minute to help put a little promo together for it. Here is that piece.

The event was awesome. The venue (Brooklyn Society of Ethical Culture) used to be a mansion back in the day and has been converted. The wood craftsmanship in there was just my taste. I wish I could just buy it and turn it back into a home. The food and wine that they served was very tasty, maybe a bit too tasty for some. Some people just couldn't enough. LOL. But the most exciting were the artists, Nhojj and Crystal Monee Hall. I am so sold on them. Several of their songs that they performed that night are now some of my favorite songs. I haven't had time to edit all of the video but here is a taste. This is Crystal singing "Traveler". The compression isn't too good but will be better on the final export.

You can catch these artists again next month (12/20) as they perform again at this venue. But I will keep reminding you here on my blog.


fuzzy December 02, 2008 5:24 PM  

i finally can look at videos on my phone and i cant see the graphics! CRAP! Ive seen ya work before, i know you're talented, so i believe whatever you did is excellent!