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Well people, I have met someone. Things are still very early but I believe that he is truly interested. Of course, that is how it always starts out but time will tell. I am torn though, with a few things.

Number one: He is a smoker. He hasn't shown himself to be a chain smoker but will have one or two a day. I don't really notice the smell of cigarettes until we kiss. In case you don't know, I llllloooooovvvvveeee to kiss. So the smell of cancer-waiting-to-happen is a turn-off.

Number two: He is a bit closeted. He says that he doesn't really have too many gay friends. And his "straight" friends don't know about him. He is so bad that he didn't even want to meet up with me and some friends on Christopher street during day light hours. WTF!!! I will have to say that he did do it though but that is a major red flag to me. It is really confusing being that I think he is a total bottom. HUH?!? On top of that he is always babysitting his straight friend's baby.

Number three: I have REALLY been enjoying the single life lately.

Number four: Although he is latino, he seems to deplore anything latino. Sniff.... sniff.....sniff. I smell self-hatred.

Outside of these issues, he treats me with the utmost respect. We always have a good time when we are together. He is one of the few people who can make me laugh when I'm irritated. He goes out of his way to see me, hang out with me and, hallelujah, picks up the check frequently. I guess we will see what happens.

New Creative Challenge Ideas

This month's creative challenge will be "cool costumes". I changed it as I am so late posting this and for Halloween. You will have until November 3 to get your submissions to me.

Seeing that very many people are not participating in the Creative Challenges I have been thinking about revamping it. Here are a couple of ideas. Tell me what you think

Option 1 - What if I post a blog entry on Friday and people can creatively respond straight to that post. People can either respond, add pics, vids, find a pic on-line that they think fits the topic, etc. Everyone would have until the next Friday posting

Option 2 - The other way is to do a kind of pass the buck. I will post an image each week and everyone can download it and manipulate it in any way, or respond on the blog about the pic, sing a jingle, or whatever.

Of if you would like to see something else, let me know.
Volunteers Needed!!!
I am also looking for people to help me out with a piece that I am working on to bring awareness to domestic violence in same gender loving relationships. This is a public service project and there is not pay but will be nice in someone's portfolio.

I need people to shoot video, motion graphic people, graphic artists, actors (tastefully, partially nude parts), and musicians/vocalists.

If you do not fit into any of these categories but still would like to help, please let me know. There may be more than one project.

Overlooked and Overshadowed

I will apologize for the long post but have so much to say. On Sunday while riding in Edgewater I was instantly reminded of a childhood memory. I remember going to Chicago's Sears tower and I noticed another building to the east. It was beautiful and had so much detail to it. The tour guide saw me looking and told me that it was the Chicago Board of Trade Building. I remember the building regally showing its art deco style. At the very top is a status of Ceres, the goddess of grain and harvest. I guess it is between 20-50 feet and was created with painstakingly and precise detail. There is a clock with these gothic like figures that enthralled me. I remember wishing that I could leave and visit that building instead. I thought to myself that it was such a pity that this beautiful building was overshadowed by a building that, in my opinion, was only taller and not as beautifully detailed.

I don't know why this was on my mind but begin thinking how this represents life. So often many people with wonderful qualities are overlooked as people quickly pass to something newer or more trendy. In the music industry, you have artists that have honed their skills to near brilliance and do not get the respect that they deserve. Mostly because so many people will flock to who can gyrate the fastest or who has a slammin' beat but can't tell you a word to the song. There are movies that the writer/producers have taken time to massage their plots and story lines into fantastic, multi-layered films/videos. Yet, because they lack explosions or the new "it" movie star, are viewed by minimal audiences. You have people who take great care of not only their physical but their inner self and can not find partners. All because the fashion industry says that their look is "out" right now. There are singers with melodic and beautifully toned voices that are never heard because there is someone that is louder that sings over them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that those other artists, writers/producers and people should not be respected and prosper also but is it proportioned? Sometimes, no!

It kind of weighed heavy on my heart until I remembered a dream I had a few years ago. I was toiling about the same thing but with the people who work hard in the church. There are dedicated people who never receive a dime and then you have those who are paid handsomely and don't care or do much about/around the church. My dream opened up with me on a mountain and I was looking down at some of the diligent workers who were working in what looked like a dismal scene. They were walking around in the mud with their head hung and rain beating down on their heads. I looked to my left and there was Jesus. I asked him why would He allow this to happen and He told me to look again. I saw the same thing and asked Him twice more receiving the same response. The last time I looked and realized that the rain was sparkling. It was then that I realized that they were diamonds. It all became clear to me. They weren't drenching wet walking around in mud. They were so saturated in God's blessings pouring down from heaven that it even blessed the ground they were walking on. And they weren't walking with their heads down in shame but in worship for His goodness.

Anyway, for all those who feel overlooked and overshadowed, I hope you are encouraged. This is for you: