Casting Call for Will Smith Movie

A friend of mine sent this to me and I am passing it on to you. Seems like a nice opportunity.

They are looking for extras to be in major movie by the name of "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith. This is for male and female adults and children of all ethnicities.

The job is for six (6) days (possibly more if needed), which are Jan. 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31 and you must work all six (6) days.
Pay rate is $75.00 for the first 10hrs and over time for anything beyond 10hrs.

The types that we are looking for are as follows:
*Adults, male/female of all ethnicities, playing characters ranging from Wall Street types to homeless people to hip hop guys to Cheksea hipsters.
*Adults, male/female of all ethnicities with kids *kids, male/female of all ethnicities, ages 6-14 and should have one adult working with them.
They must have working permits, and can bring homework to set.

All extras must be non-union. Adults without kids will work from 1pm until 6am.
Adults with kids will work from 4pm until midnight.

Everyone who is interested and can be available for all six (6) days, please contact Rod directly at .
When you respond please submit the following information: Name, age, ethnicity, type that you will be playing, and phone number.
This will be an outdoor shoot at South Street Seaport, so bring and wear very warm clothes and outerwear. NO LOGOS.
There will be warming pens and breaks.

Bad News..... Good News

In keeping up with my accelerated, "catch-up" posts, I must include this period of time which was high and low for me. Starting with the bad news, I lost two close friends at the end of November. One of which was one of my best friends. Corey and Randall will truly be missed. They were two caring, loving and all around sincere people.

The died within a week of each other and so of course their funerals were very close. Corey's was here in Jersey City on a Thursday and Randall's was on that Saturday in Savannah. Randall's death really hurt me to my heart. Not only was he one of my best friends but just the way that he died was unnerving. He became HIV+ after his lover (they were no longer together at the time of his death and we will call him T), was still sleeping with his ex-lover while still with Randall. T's ex-lover has full blown AIDS and therefore T passed everything to Randall. On top of that, while I was in Savannah a friend of mine showed me on Adam where T and the ex-lover have a profile looking for sex and not telling the truth about thier HIV status. T wonders why he wasn't allowed at the funeral by Randall's family and why mutual friends resent him.

Anyway, for the good news. My roommate and I rode to Savannah together and he decided that he wanted to drop his car off in Atlanta. This allowed for me the chance to pick my car up in Indy from my dad's house. While there I was able to spend time with family and friends and am so glad I had that opportunity. Not only am I glad to pick up my car, and see my family but I was really able to see how much my dad has sacrificed to help me while in grad school and even up to today. Just goes to show that even though family may make you mad, you should continue to love and embrace them as people are constantly evolving and my change for the better. God bless him. Anyway, here are some pics of my brother Trae and his wife and kids. I will post some later of my dad and stepmom.

Now for something recent. I was offered the position today that I had been interviewing for over the past month, since the funerals. I even was able to get them to give me $2000 more a year than they orignally offered. Happy Days!!!

I'm Back Like a Bad Dream

Well, after a much needed and longer than planned break, I am back. I will have a lot to catch everyone up with my life. Lord knows that there is plenty to talk about. So come back frequently to stay up to date (if interested, LOL). So I will start at the last entry and begin my accelerated catch up. And yes, I will try to keep them short for ease of reading.

I have been free-lancing since September doing programming and web work. I know that some people think that this is an awsome experience, but it definitely has its drawbacks. Although I work on projects on my own time, work from home, "am my own boss", and decide which projects I want to work on I have come to the realization on a few other things.

1. When free-lancing you will sometimes have periods that you don't have jobs. No work = no money. So you have periods that you are doing fine and then all of a sudden...... silence. When that happens you sit at home, broke.

2. You have to work three times as hard as you do on a normal 9-5. In order to try avoiding problem #1, you must constantly be on the look out, networking for new jobs. Meaning that you really don't set your own hours because you MUST make yourself available 24/7 just for the prospect of a job.

3. You really aren't your own boss. You still have to present your work to someone for critique and Must provide in order to be paid. You must also still work within their timeframe.

4. Working from home can make you very lazy. There have been times when I haven't left the house for days. Then find yourself taking showers later and later and before you know it you have almost been more than a day. Nasty, right? But true.

5. No benefits

I have lately been interviewing for a few full-time jobs or 9-5 for those very reasons. I had a company here in Jersey that has called me back for the fourth interview today. It seemed to go well and will know something by tomorrow.