A Letter To Love (Romantic)

Well, you finally did it. I have fallen out of love with you. I can't tolerate your manipulative endeavours. The way that you have people fall for you only to hurt them. How do you manage to entice people to fall for you so? On the surface you are alluring, dangling your gift boxes of empty promises. On the inside you are worm wood; rotting from the inside. You are a virus infecting the unaware and naive. I see your intrinsic self in how you treat my friends. The twisted way you invoke temporary fits on jealous insanity. How do you trick people to keep giving so much of themselves that they are nothing more than a reprobate? What is your opium that causes people to remain with you even after seeing your flaws, your vices - your self? You are a stain. There is no use for you. What are you good for? There's even no use for you in heaven, you're not even welcomed there. Well, no more. This fool has wised up. Farewell to you and the Babylon whore that you clawed your way out of like the miscreation you are. I have fallen so much out of love with you that even the idea of you causes bouts of nausea and anxiety.


Well, things have been busy lately. As per my last post, I did some work for the PAUSE conference and really enjoyed it. Now, I am working with a group called Well Entertainment Group. They are currently putting on a monthly event called Verve. The first one will be this Friday, November. See the flyer for more info.

Busy As Hell

Sorry that I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks. Things have really just been busy. I will be presenting the speakers at the PAUSE Conference which is an exploration of concept and design within Broadcast and Film. From :30 commercial spots to feature film projects, PAUSE examines the creative and technical approaches of industry leading studios and agencies. I will full access to all parties and events corresponding to the conference. It is going to be a wonderful opportunity to network and see some of the works of the key leaders in the industry. I'm so excited.

I also was able to get my foot in the door to help with a music video being created for Amnesty International. I am excited about this because this is a realm that I haven't had the chance to embark upon. I am looking forward to really using this opportunity to learn new skills and make even more contacts. There will be more information on this later and I will post the finished product here also. So the next several weeks are going to be crazy but well worth the time and effort.