When was the last time that it felt like the first time?

I remember the first time that I voluntarily had sex with someone. I say voluntarily because as I mention in an earlier post (My Earliest Childhood Memories) that I was molested as a child.

I remember that I was supposed to baby-sit my cousins after I returned from helping with the Miss Circle City Classic Pageant. I found out they were going to have an after party and really wanted to go. I talked my other brother into babysitting for me but had to pick him up. By the time I arrived at the after party, I found out that they had moved it. Since I didn't know how to get to the other location, I went back to my uncle's house. Once there the dog, who normally adored me, kept growling. He was a great dane and towered over me when on two legs, I didn't think it wise to be left there after my aunt and uncle left and figured I will just go home. Just then, the neighbor (Tyrone) came over. He had this look that captivated me. He asked me what was up. I told him that I was about to leave because the dog was growling at me and was sure that my brother could hold it down. He asked, why don't you come on over and hang out with me and my cousin. I was a little hesitant but thought what the hell. Over to his house we were watching a movie when the phone rang. It was my aunt. She told me to be careful because Tyrone was bi-sexual. This caused so much excitement in me. I had wanted to have sex (voluntarily) for so long and wondered if this could be it. I laid on the floor in every sexually appealing position I could think of. Finally, he asked me if I would have sex with a man if I were in prison. I thought of some clever answer to allude to the fact that gay doesn't really bother me. About that time the cousin, wanted more to drink and Tyrone told him to go warm up the car. While he was in the car, Tyrone told me to stand up. He pulled out his dick and told me to suck it. I didn't know what the hell I was doing. He had to coach me through the whole thing. I was biting him and sucking too hard. It was horrible. He then got up and begins grinding behind me while playing with my nipples. I felt like I was going to explode. Just the sheer warmth of his body made me shutter with delight. Suddenly there was honking from the car. His cousin was becoming very impatient. Once they had returned from the liquor store, they had a few more drinks and were feeling a little closer to heaven, especially the cousin. Tyrone went into his bedroom for a minute and then yelled out for me to come in there. I went and stood in the door way and there was bi porn playing. I felt as if I could have cum at that moment. I had never seen bi/gay porn or even knew that they existed. He laid me on the bed and began kissing and caressing me. Kissing me on my neck and nipples. I just wanted that to go on all night. When all of a sudden, he reached in this drawer. He pulled out this bottle and began to lube up. I was too scared at this point. I wasn't sure if I really wanted THAT. Suddenly, I thought if it took me this long to find this opportunity, how long before my next one. Maybe I should go through with it. He put his dick right on my hole. I was nervous as hell! Will it hurt, or will it feel good??? He began to slide it in. OMG, what was he doing to me!! He was very gentle. He took his time in pulling all the way in, frequently asking if I was ok. I was so tight that I could feel every vein in his dick. Once in he began moving and sliding it in and out and my eyes rolled in the back of my head a few times. This was not like the last time someone was in me. Then, my mind quickly wandered, where his cousin was. I asked Tyrone and he jumped up quickly pulling on some clothes and ran out of the room. After a while, I thought that something had to be wrong, he was gone too long. I began to try to pull my clothes on. Just then, the door opens up and it is Tyrone and his cousin. I felt like we were busted but Tyrone asked me where I was going. He told me to lie back down. He pulls off his clothes gazing in my eyes as if to tell me everything was ok. He entered me again, in front of his cousin!!! I was confused as hell. Then Tyrone gets up and his cousin who had been preparing in the background climbs on top of me. He was pulling up in me. He wasn't a big as Tyrone and it felt even better. They began this type of tag-team thing on me. I couldn't believe this was happening.

Even though this story was about my first time sexually, I want to know when was the last time it felt like the first time emotionally? When was the last time that you met someone that gave you butterflies? Made you rethink love? Made you forget about JUST you? Made love songs mean something again? Made you walk slower and notice the beauty that God provides, even in the city? Made you more compassionate? Made you want to please them in every way? Made you shutter? When was your last time? I will post mine as part of my creative challenge posting this Friday.


antneya July 12, 2006 7:47 AM  

WOW...that story was something! My very first time was nothing like that, lol but I do remember how I felt the first time that the object of my affection showed a sign that it was mutual and we kissed for the first time. It was amazing!

Bougie Black Boy July 12, 2006 10:13 AM  

Uhm.. i can't believe you posted this.... no comment yet.

Lyrically speaking July 14, 2006 6:44 AM  

I was drooling over here reading this post. So let me ask you is this part of the challenge, your Dear Diary moment? I wasn't sure, if so it is a damn good one...lol. The sensuality was felt in your words, great write.

Ty July 14, 2006 7:57 AM  

Thanks delaleuverses. No, I actually have something else to submit for the challenge. Thanks