Video Post

Sorry but I had to post this. These are two of my favorite singers (Kathleen Battle and Jessye Norman) and I love this song. Never knew there was a video for it. Hope you enjoy

Anyone who knows me knows that I am somewhat of a fan of Yanni. That's right, Yanni. He is an amazing composer and lately he has had some amazing black and latino talent featured. He has an amazing violinist (Karen) and two backup singers featured primarily on the Tribute CD that I love (Vann and Alfreda). Alfreda can sing anything from opera to squawling. Here is her singing an aria.

I am looking for one of the clips with Alfreda squawling but in the meantime, found this one also.

Here is Vann being featured in this piece. She is not only beautiful but has a set of lungs. It is a little long but worth it. To get to the main part of the song, fast forward to 5 minutes.

This one shows most of them in action. Karen (viola), Vann (thinner singer) and Alfreda.

Here is another one of Karen in action. I love all of the solos in this one. Listen to the drummers, they are awesome during their solos. And of course, Karen.... If it is too long for you to watch, just fast forward to the 5 minute mark and watch her and the conductor battle it out.