New Creative Challenge/Creative Challenge Submissions

New Creative Challenge:
The topic for the next Creative Challenge will be "Pride" in celebration of pride month. You will have until 6/30 to submit your entries. Happy Pride!!!

Creative Challenge Submissions:
Here are the submitted pieces for this month's Creative Challenge with the theme of AIDS. I love you Cath.

Love had nothing to do with it
You hear me?
I was simply hungry for a meal and he offered
Offered without hesitation
I agreed to let him spend the night on one condition
That he sleeps on the couch
While I stayed put in my bedroom
Wearing my sexiest nighty
I came out of the room to go brush my teeth
Of course, he saw me
His mouth dropped at the sight of cleavage and long legs
Loss of words,
I tell you, the look on his face was “priceless”
I knew what I was doing
Brushed my teeth real good then headed back to the room
In the dark
We spoke about poetry
He asked questions as if he was a radio jockey
Wondering why I’m so fascinated with words
Then there was silence
I thought he had fallen asleep
“Kiella? Are you still up?”
“Yeah,” I replied from the bedroom
“Can I join you?”
“Where are we going?” I jokingly asked
“I want to hold you…that’s all.”
Deep down inside I knew it wasn’t going to last
His footsteps were heard in the dark
I felt his thick, warm body close to mine
He pulled me close, wrapped his arms around my waist
It only took five minutes
It was way too tempting not to turn around
And do the do
When it was over
We were both exhausted
The next morning I woke up to find him staring right at me
“I’m in love,” he said with a sweet smile
“What love has to do with a midnight snack?”
“Is that what you call it?”
“It is what it is.”
He got up and went back to the couch
I went back to sleep
©2009by Cathy Delaleu

Didn’t you get the memo?
I thought it was evident that love has left the building
You won’t feel this summer’s shadow on your bed
No E-vites
No E-Cards
No free membership to my Bally’s
No I-Tunes
No lyrics for free
As a matter of fact you can dunk your donut elsewhere
Don’t you dare use my home as your depot
Yes, love has left the building along with the phone sex
The yahoo messenger
Porn videos you enjoyed so much while I dirty danced my way to you
Entertainment is not tonight
Victoria took her secret back
You can relax
I’m ok being solo
I’ve taken with me the dog, the fish, cleaned up the fridge
wiped out the bank account
My groove came back 168 hours ago
7 days to be exact
at a poetry event in the village
Mr. Ken stepped up to me
Fine as hell
Can you spell pfine?
How pfine?
He had me stuttering
I don’t usually stutter during a performance on stage
But he was looking at me as if he could devour me right there like cheesecake
Hi, I’m cheesecake, my eyes said to him
I’m strawberry, he threw back, licking his lips
Ha! Ha!
See, he had to ask
Didn’t just grab it
He was a gentleman about it
Not how you did it when we met online
The way you lied about your age and pictures
See, you tricked me more than once
Why did I give in?
Don’t know, must have been crazy lonely
You know, loneliness is an empty glass of Cosmo
You fill it up when you get thirsty
I filled up my glass with my sexy spoken-word
It was a wrap
Ken was immediately hooked
You’re replaceable
I wake up and to my left is Mr. Ken
Pfine as hell
I tell you, I don’t need breakfast in the morning
I can eat him up just by watching him sleep
It’s not a sin to move on
Not a sin to be happy with someone new
When it’s new even the sheets scream happy, joy, joy
The pillows smell Downey April fresh
Waking up for work sucks
I bitch and moan about it
Can’t wait to run back home to the new toy waiting
I’m the Barbie he gets to play with
He’s the Frederick’s to my Hollywood
Every night I’m a different character
Tonight I’m his Crazy In Love, Beyonce
Bouncing booty at 80 mph
He is hypnotized, can’t stop drooling
Baby do you need a napkin?
I give him a taste of my tropics
Taking him to Haiti
Where he eats the rice, beans, best of all the spicy pork
I tell him don’t bite too hard on my mangoes
They’re ripped enough to give him cavities
You look upset?
Should I go on about Ken wanting to buy his Barbie a house?
I’m his KFC
Krazy Fine Cliterature
Literally, the clit speaks to him in tongues
Can’t focus on the ceiling fan
When he’s causing adequate riot
Are you taking note?
Again why did I bother with you?
Must have been pretty bored when I surfed the net
All I can say is
You’re the biggest LOSER
©2009 by Cathy Delaleu