Kama Yo

"Do you remember? Remember me, I was the one who said that love was blind?
And like a fool I ran to you whenever you would cry.
Take me back! That's what you said
I could never turn you away
Take me back, that's what you said,
and oh how a fool must pay.
Blue is the colour of pain.

Exactly how I'll never know how you manage to persuade
those in your life to buy your lines and see the world your way.
One more chance, that's all, you said.
I could never turn you away
One more chance!
The price that a fool must pay.
Blue is the colour of pain.

Only hope you'll never know this pain. It's such a shame.
Many tears have run dry. I've cried all I've left to cry.
But now it's time to break that hold her spell you thought up long ago.
I'll see you later, love, I really must be gone, this fool telling you goodbye."

These are the lyrics to a song that I heard when I realized that my first male lover was cheating on me. Although I knew that it was time to leave I just couldn't seem to find the strength or nerve. It was my first time having sex voluntarily so my emotions were out of sorts and not being able to talk to anyone about my boyfriend didn't help. Then I heard this song and, simple as it may be, it helped me through that period and gave me strength. The song is titled, "Blue(Is the colour of pain)" sung by Caron Wheeler. Many may know her from her days with Soul II Soul. She was featured on the "Back To Life" (view video) , and "Keep On Moving (view video) tracks. This song was from her first solo CD.

The video for Blue tantalized my creativity with its layers and multi linear narratives. One has to remember that this video was in the early 90's. For its time this video was ahead of its time. Each time I watched the video I would notice something different within its layers.

After being empowered by the song I anxiously went and purchased the CD. I was really surprised. The CD had several inspiring songs that help mold me into who I am today. That CD along with the sophomore CD made me take note that her love and Afro-centric conscience songs used a different vocabulary than what was being used at that time. She wasn't saying the basic, I love you, I would die for you and other cliches. She used terminology/phrases like I'm enchanted by you, I adore you, and in your eyes all seasons lie. One of my favorite love songs of all time is "In Our Love (listen) This inspired me to want to try to step outside of the box to express myself.

The song "No Regrets" made me realize that my life isn't over yet and to not waste time on regrets. I quit complaining about not going to college right after high school and realized that as long as I am still breathing that I can eliminate those regrets. This led me to my two degrees. That mentality has followed me through the years which gives me my zest for life and desire to want to experience as much as possible.

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Promiscuous X September 22, 2007 4:12 AM  

Very Inspirational Mr Ty-Aspire. I think ima go get ol girl cd. I hope I dnt fall asleep to it lol. I never knew she had a solo career. Back to Life is my shit.

yet another black guy September 24, 2007 11:01 PM  

i always wondered what happened to her. 'I Adore You' had me in a spell, though i never bought the entire album.

what a great post. it not only took me back down memory lane, but inspired me reading about your journey while facing uncertainty towards my own. thanks for sharing your story.

Rodney October 03, 2007 4:27 PM  

That is one of my favorite songs. It's so funky, but that's Jazzy B for you.

ThisMightBeMe October 08, 2007 1:07 PM  

I like her. Never heard of her, but I mos def like.