Today's Thoughts

For the past few mornings a friend of mine and I have been having thought-provoking conversations on the way to work. Today we got on the subject of one of my ex's who seemed like he was looking for a suga-daddy. I am not trying to have that, I don't have enough for myself let alone someone else. I told my friend that my ex called me last night and wanted me to come over for .... a talk. lol Anyway my friend told me that I should hook up with him and (excuse me for a moment ) "f*** the hell out of him while calling him a bitch and spitting in his face". Of course I was a little taken back by this. My midwestern manners just won't let me. I'm a genteel hook up (lol). After questioning him on this behaviour I realized that in his culture (San Salvador) that people do that all of the time (according to him). It is done to hook ups that they have no feelings for and is accepted as normal. Now I know that some people here in the US like it rough. Someone to smack them around, pull their hair, then poke out on of their eyeballs and all of that kind of stuff. I just don't understand that. Why would you let someone do that to you in the bedroom when if it were someone on the street, they would be knocked down? Are there some deeper issues within the person that should be resolved? Is it just a preference like someone who likes threesomes? If you feel that you need to treat someone like that during sex, why not find someone that you appreciate better? I just chop it up to another one of those things that I don't understand.


WhozHe September 13, 2007 3:56 PM  

You know I've met people who like to be dogged out by their boyfriend. On some level I think they feel like that they deserve it, a statement by self worth. Sad. Assertive, yeah I like that. Aggressive, you got the wrong dude.

fuzzy September 13, 2007 6:44 PM  

Ummm I dont understand that either! I dont like pain or abuse! Well biting is acceptable, and if you wanna throw me somewhere I might be down with that. Spanking... Oh sorry I forgot where I was!

yet another black guy September 13, 2007 10:26 PM  

sounds like San Salvadore is a barbaric cultural place. i'm not about to degraded while doing something intimate with someone i care for.

Trackstar September 13, 2007 11:48 PM  

hey Ty well some people are just erally freaky and kinky everyone has some kinda issue that only they know why they enjoy stuff like that i know someone who likes to be choked during sex and some of the others know who i am talking bout lol

Promiscuous X September 14, 2007 4:56 AM  

Okay It aint nothing wrong with the pulling the hair or grabn the neck (which i happen to like very much Lol) But I dont know about that spitting crap that is not cute lol. If I wanted to be abused in the bedroom just fuck me damn it thats it. Thats all the pain I need lol. Ya dig.Hmm Ty a suga-daddy. Lol *singing* "I love it when the call me big POPPA"

Lyrically speaking September 17, 2007 5:38 AM  

Wow...personally I don't like it rough, I prefer slow unless i'm in a kinky mood which is rare :)

spitting and pulling, naw, not my style. Ty, just be "YOU"

Rodney September 17, 2007 9:45 AM  

Sex is just as much about primal behavior as it is about intimacy. I'm not saying that I like to be slapped around and spit on... all the time, but there are some folks who would have it no other way in a loving relationship. That's some freaky, nasty shyt! But I like it... lol