The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard Gale

Kanye West - "We Were Once"

This is a viral short film starring Kanye West. I found it a bit long but interesting. It seems funny to me that this would come out after his debacle at the VMA. Is this just a coincidence? I also think it gets a little weird towards the end but nonetheless I think that it has a strong message.

Enter A'ric

I know some of you may be wondering what has happened since my "Love Deferred or Phoenix Rising?" post. To catch some of you up who didn't read it, I have been getting to know someone since July. Sounds good so far, but he lives in ATL. And the long-distance thing was a major concern with both of us. And I couldn't help but wonder if I should stick with it to see what happens to discover if it would be a phoenix rising or a love deferred.

Well, here's the update: we have decided to continue with it. We have been going strong and I'm loving it. We have plans to see each other a couple of times within the next few months and he will be moving here soon. I have to tell you that even as much as I have been against long distance relationships, it has been surprisingly easy. We talk, chat, email, text all day, everyday. Even our "arguments" are really nothing more than discussions. He so totally gets me and I - him. I haven't had anyone excite me like he does without even ever having sex. Yeah, that's right. We haven't had sex, EVER. Phone sex and webcam - yes, physically - NO. I love the fact that he is comfortable with his sexuality and he has even challenged me on some aspects of my complacency. He is introducing me to his family this holiday season and I plan on introducing him to mine. He has me looking at life so much differently now and can't wait until we are one in the same place.

Here are some pics

Sunday Service at LGBT Center

Join Rehoboth Temple CCC@ the LGBT Center 208 West 13th (btwn 7th & 8th Aves.)this Sunday, October 18th for a special 12:00pm service followed by a Gospel Sunday Brunch-A Benefit for presented by VERVE!. There is NO COST for the service, but there is a requested donation for the Brunch.

You will be inspired and transformed by the dynamic ministry of RTCCC's service @ 12:00 pm. Following the service stay and be uplifted by the sounds of Jazz & Traditional Gospel music. A southern menu will be served that is sure to satisfy!

Don't miss this opportunity to indulge in an energized atmosphere with great music, food & fellowship.

See you there......
12:00 pm for Rehoboth Temple's Service
2:00 pm for the Gospel Sunday Brunch-A Benefit for

Requested-Gospel Sunday Brunch-Donation: $25.00


Some people have asked me to post some pics of my family. Below you will see some of the elders of my family. I will add more later.

Target 20 Night for Alvin Ailey

I posted this last year and many people expressed interest so am posting it again this year. For those in the NYC area or coming to the NYC area soon, Target is selling a number of seats to see the award winning Alvin Ailey dancers for $20. You must be there on Saturday to pick up the tickets and let me tell you, you will want to get there early as it is while supplies last. I learned that last year. Once they have completed the $20 tickets, which lasted until around 12 p.m. last year, they will have other discounted tickets for sell as well. Here is the information, click on the image for more info.