Enter A'ric

I know some of you may be wondering what has happened since my "Love Deferred or Phoenix Rising?" post. To catch some of you up who didn't read it, I have been getting to know someone since July. Sounds good so far, but he lives in ATL. And the long-distance thing was a major concern with both of us. And I couldn't help but wonder if I should stick with it to see what happens to discover if it would be a phoenix rising or a love deferred.

Well, here's the update: we have decided to continue with it. We have been going strong and I'm loving it. We have plans to see each other a couple of times within the next few months and he will be moving here soon. I have to tell you that even as much as I have been against long distance relationships, it has been surprisingly easy. We talk, chat, email, text all day, everyday. Even our "arguments" are really nothing more than discussions. He so totally gets me and I - him. I haven't had anyone excite me like he does without even ever having sex. Yeah, that's right. We haven't had sex, EVER. Phone sex and webcam - yes, physically - NO. I love the fact that he is comfortable with his sexuality and he has even challenged me on some aspects of my complacency. He is introducing me to his family this holiday season and I plan on introducing him to mine. He has me looking at life so much differently now and can't wait until we are one in the same place.

Here are some pics


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You did that!!! I'm happy for you!!