I really like this piece. In his contribution, Turvey takes inspiration from the mythical Dr Frankenstein who took parts from different bodies to make a new being. Here, a macabre sequence of events sees fashion follow suit, leading to a surreal and transformational climax.

Thinking of Cruising Restrooms?

Six Flags Trip

Last Friday was "gay day" at Six Flags great adventure from 6 p.m. to midnight. I took off a couple hours early from work and picked up some friends in JC to head down.

If you don't know, I am a true rider. I know some of your minds went dirty for a minute but I love roller coasters. LOL My first thought was that we weren't going to be able to ride everything. I mean, we went earlier this year and even with the speed-pass was barely able to get on most of the big rides and was there all day. However, to my surprise, the park was basically empty. I'll put it to you this way, we walked straight up and jumped on the Kingda Ka..... twice. We rode pretty much everything twice and left before the park closed. I didn't think that I could have so much fun. Even though Kendra got sick on us. LOL

While in line for El Torro, we saw Benny Ninja. I was able to talk to him for a minute and he was cool. I was surprised that he stopped to talk especially after seeing him frown at someone trying to take a picture of him. But I guess it was just the moment because he was cool with me.

Purple St. James

Why am I living for Yahzarah AKA Purple St. James. I think this performance and leaked music video may give you some insight to why.

Love Deferred or Phoenix Rising?

There are so many things that I can say about the VMAs and Kanye West's totally inappropriate behaviour and Beyonce's gracious endeavour. However, I am sure that everyone has heard enough about that. So I will digress and talk about something a little more personal.

When I went to Atlanta in July for the conference I was in a very strange state. If you follow my blog, you may remember the Whitney vs Melonie Daniels (revisited) post that gave a little insight about what was going on. I try not to vent too much information about friends and loved ones here regardless of the situation. But just know that I felt as if I was done wrong in a situation with some friends who have since apologized. In Atlanta I was kind of still dealing with it but in the midst of all of that, I met this guy who intrigued me unto infatuation.

We exchanged numbers but as things go, we really didn't stay in contact too much. We had brief conversations here and there but nothing serious. Well, a couple of weeks ago he called again and the tone was much different. Let's just say that we went 0 to 60 in no time. I thoroughly enjoy him. His aura, disposition, manners, talk, and essence allures me. It really has me wondering if this is the one. And am actually catching feelings for him and he says the same about me.

I even started writing this piece;
"I was in the blinding fog trying to figure out who are my real friends and loved ones. Not quite inured to the betrayal that I felt, I made my way finding each silhouette. Gazing upon their countenance to discern if they be intrinsic friend or foe. But there was one silhouette that did not seem to belong. I could neither decipher this person's reasoning for being there nor their role. But as the white fog lifted revealing the truth, there you stood.... "

Yeah, I know. People say that I fall way too fast. Well, on Saturday we talked for a minute but started really talking about the distance thing. I knew it was bound to come up, it had to. I take it, from our conversation, that he is having second thoughts about falling for someone so far away. ATL from here is more than a notion, baby, to think about just jumping on the road. If it was like 4 hours, then we could see each other several weekends a month but being 16 hours away.... well... The tone in his voice was a little defeated. And I can't say that I blame him or fault him. I was kind of feeling the same way myself. Now we are at this fork in the road and am not sure what to think about it.

Flashback Moment

I heard this song the other day and it took me back. My favorite memory of this song is when my mom and grandmother thought that they were singing "Men-o-pause" instead of "Men-All-Pause" and did everything short of picketing the song. They would go through everytime the song would come on. It was nearly a year later when we found out what their disgust was in the song and after we cleared it up for them, they feel in love with it. But it is so funny to watch the video and imagine if they were singing Menopause instead and you can see why they were disgusted.

How about this one? God, I can't believe that I was so into these songs.

Enter Lilia My'Chelle Turner

Say hello to my newest cousin. She is now 6 months old (born 3-6-09) and adorable.

Homecoming 2009

For those in the NYC area, if you have no plans, please come to my church's homecoming service. I believe that it will be an experience that you do not want to miss. I know typically in the LGBT community the discussion of religion is taboo because of the hurt that many have received from the church. But come and see why I have joined this church and why my life has changed for the better. If you are remotely curious or interested, there is no excuse to miss this one. Our service time is within brunch hours for you club heads. It is conveniently located near mass transportation. Plus there will be free food afterwards. LOL

I Went and Did It!!!

I haven't expressed my uncertainty about car situation on my blog. Primarily because I was torn. I've been rolling in a 2001 Dodge Intrepid that I had paid off a few years ago. It is the first car that I've ever paid off and definitely enjoyed not having a car note. The car, being as old as it is, hasn't really given me the amount of problems that one would expect. Overall, a great car and on top of that there was a little sentimental value placed on it because it was the car that my mom wanted before she passed.

So what's the dilemma? Well, the car is getting older and although never been a problem, in the last few months I had to pay $1000 for repairs and found out that there was another $1000 to go. Thank God, none of which is engine related and would appear to be non-on-going issues. So I toiled over whether I should run my Intrepid to the ground or get a new one. Running to the ground would mean some money to fix what was currently wrong with the car and the fear of the unknown. If I purchased a new car, that fear of the unknown would be greatly reduced if not eliminated but I'm back into a car note.

Well, long story short, I purchased a new car on last night. I immediately had buyer's remorse thinking about the payment but it is subsiding the more I drive it and realize the peace of mind that I now have. Plus I love it.