Morning Question

I heard this question this morning while listening to Big Boi In The Morning and thought it may be interesting to see what some of my fellow bloggers think. Here's the question;

Does internet flirting constitute as cheating?

Speak on it!!


Darius T. Williams February 20, 2009 5:38 AM  

Of course it does. ANYTHING you do that you can't necessarily share w/your significant other is cheating...anything.

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fuzzy February 20, 2009 10:22 AM  

I believe it was covered a year ago on my blog, that any unfaithfulness to your partner, whether it be mentally, physically or emotionally would constitute as cheating. You are taking focus off of your lover and directing it somewhere else!

Unknown February 21, 2009 9:45 AM  

No it isn't cheating, but it is disrespectful and a sure-fire lead-in to cheating. I tell folks that although ALL partnerships need outside stimulation and validation, it's important to be vigilant of what crosses the line into disrespect. We're all human - including the partner who feels slighted by inappropriate behavior. Keep it light and don't say or do anything you would be embarassed to have your partner read or hear later.

Lyrically speaking March 12, 2009 9:23 AM  

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, good question, I would say Yes AND No, it depends on how far you go with it.

If it's just an innocent flirt online and you keep it at that once or twice then fine, but if you're the type who constantly flirt with that one individual on a regular then to go as far as wanting to meet them in person then yes, it is like cheating on your mate or showing major disrespect.