Birthday Weekend

This was the weekend that I celebrated my birthday with some of my friends. Friday, after work, I just did some work for one of my clients and played Wii until the wii hours in the morning but I finally made pro level in tennis with my Mii.

Saturday, I went out to see the "Bride Wars" with my friend Poncho and out to eat afterwards. The movie was extremely funny or maybe I was just sleepy-happy as Poncho is such an early riser on the weekend. Baby, we were at the show before 10:15 a.m. You already know that I was still half sleep so everything seemed funny to me. Later that night I went to have dinner with Eddie out in Brooklyn at this jazz place. Other than it taking a while to be served, it was nice. Plus the conversation really made up for it as we really just got way too deep. Blame it on the alcohol. We were going to see a movie afterwards but it was after midnight by the time we got out of there.

Sunday, after church, some of my friends threw a little birthday dinner party at my friend Max's house. I had the chance to catch up with some friends that I haven't seen face-to-face in quite a while so you know that I enjoyed myself. Then of course, you know that the gurls had to watch the grammy's and you know they were reading outfits and hair for points. I laughed so hard, they know they are too funny. Then we would just bust out with the most random things. Two had me laughing clear into the morning. One I am going to do a piece on and will post it later but the other was us talking this commercial up from back in the day. You should have seen us reenacting it. lol

Here are some of the pics

Here are some pics that I forgot to post from the holidays.


deonte' k February 12, 2009 4:14 AM  

Sounds like u had a great bday weekend! ;)