Posting Option for Creative Challenge

I found a friend of mine who created a site that works great for what we need for the challenge. It was created to allow families to post pictures and create a family tree but he said that we can use it for our purpose. It is really awesome in that you can post pics, music, and even movies (up to 5 mb).

1) Go to
2) Enter password (aspire)
3) Click on my pic
4) Go to the bottom right and you will see the upload box
5) Once pic is uploaded you can click on pic and add captions

That's it. Nice, right? I will post some things today to get it started. You can post as much as you want.

BTW here are some of my favorite pics from the weekend.

Believe this was at the Roosevelt monument.

The gang in front of Bob Evans



Fuzzy when he isn't acting silly

Why are so many people attracted to this monument?!? Hmm......

Believe this was at the Roosevelt monument also.

Derron and ShawnQT having fun with a harmonica.

Creative Challenge #1/Weekend

Well folks, I'm back like a bad dream. Had a very relaxing weekend in MD and DC. Mostly MD just hanging out with ShawnQT, Fuzzy, Omar and Derron at my friend David's house. Sorry folks, nothing really exciting. We went to some of the monuments in DC, ate out, shopped and rested.

While we were there I was able to introduce them to Bob Evans' restaurant. They were instantly in love. Hmmm. I miss those restaurants that I grew up on. However while I was there I remember why I moved. The stores were sooooooo far away. It was probably a 10 minute ride to get to the nearest grocery store. I like my one block walk that I have now.

Anyway, like I mentioned in the last post, I am trying to get the Creative Challenge going on my blog. It works like this; I will post a subject (i.e. gum) and the goal is for as many people to create anything with gum as a subject. This can be a song, video, animation, graphic art, picture, drawing, etc. Everyone will have a week to send or post their project. This is not a contest but a creative outlet. No judgements or criticisms. The theme for this week is "Leaf" or "Leaves". Feel free to creatively push the theme's boundaries.

As far as posting, I am still trying to find the best way to have all entries in one place. I know for videos, animations, etc you can post to YouTube and link them in a post. Or if you want to put the images on your own site, you can do the same. For those who don't have the space, I am looking into Flickr. There is a way to create a group (private) meaning that we would be the only ones looking or adding comments to the images. By being private we can be as, how do you say, explicit as we want. The problem comes to be that everyone will have to create a Yahoo account and the process of posting an image requires a few steps.

Those of you participating, please give your input. I will then finalize a way and then we can post. In the meantime you can begin working on it.

Memorial Day/Creative Challenge

I am heading out for the weekend on tomorrow morning. It has been a long time since I have done an escapade but is much deserved (if you ask me). I am heading down to DC for a couple of days and am very excited. I haven't really been out of town since I came to the area because of my school schedule. I hope this is the first of many. If anyone else is going to be in DC, let me know. Hit me up by email before tomorrow morning and we can exchange info.

I will be posting on Tuesday but thought I would give everyone a heads up since it will be my first time attempting this. I want to post a creative challenge to everyone. I will post a subject (i.e. gum) and the goal is for as many people to create anything with gum as a subject. This can be a song, video, animation, graphic art, picture, drawing, etc. Everyone will have a week to send or post their project. This is not a contest but a creative outlet. No judgements or criticisms. In the post I will tell you how to place your projects as well. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know too.

Have a good and SAFE Memorial Day weekend.

Dating Dilemna

Being new to this area (about two years now) and just really getting into the dating scene only a few months ago, I find myself a little frustrated. Frustrated because I'm torn between how dating has been for me in other regions of the country and what I perceive it to be here. And with that, trying to find a space in this arena that is me, in other words a compromise without losing self.

In other places, I have dated people and all the while we are dating all energies have been concentrated on each other. That is to say that from the time we discovered an interest we would put off meeting other people (at least for dating purposes) and focused on getting to know each other better. My experiences here in dating has been that people call themselves dating you but are still taking numbers and trying to split time up between you and boyfriend number 2-5. This is definitely a paradigm shift and I have to admit that I don't quite understand completely. I understand that you want to keep your options open but can you really get to know a person this way? There isn't enough hours in a day already with work and all of the other things that we have to do and then have to try to split your time up between so many different people, how is this done?

It also seems to me that some of the people that I have dated here remind me of monkeys. No, that isn't a racial slur but describes a behavior. Monkeys can have a diamond in their hand but if you flash a mirror at them, they will drop the diamond and chase after the new shiny object. People seem to be that way to me. They will have a functioning and meaningful relationship with someone and see a "shiny" new face and will drop their relationship, leaving behind the hard-work and time that it took to develop and chase after the chance to develop something with this new face. When does it stop?

Lastly, I have only dated African-American and Latinos in this area which is unusual for me because I typically have not restricted my dating options because of race. I've seen people of Indian, Asian and Middle-Eastern descent that I am attracted to and would even possibly date them if the opportunity arose. My concern is that I haven't been attracted to any Caucasians. At first I thought it was because I haven't met the right one. But I noticed that when I search on-line and profile search, I completely leave them out. Why? My God, I was raised in Indiana so you know that I have dated my fair share of them in the past but why has this changed?

In a place where everyone seems too busy to take time to intrinsically develop a relationship with someone, how do I meet that special person? How do I adapt? Should I adapt? Am I sending signals contrary to what I expect? Where is my drink?

Funny Whitney Posts

I love to laugh and these posts from one of my numerous other blogs still cracks me up. So here they are:

New Blog/Graduation

OK. I finally got the hint and decided to post one blog that will encapsulate all of my other blogs. People complained that I have way too many blogs and they don't know which ones to post comments. This will be the one. The others were created as a necessity for class projects. Now that I have graduated I can combine these and actually make time to create posts that will be more of interest. Over the next few days, I will put some of the other blog posts here to help consolidate.

Speaking of graduation, I finally did it ya'll. I received my masters in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU. It is so hard to comprehend it right now, the last two years have been a blur. But I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my education at NYU. It was/is expensive as hell but there are an enormous amount of benefits.

Graduation was a riot. The first one (Salute) was just for the graduates of Tisch School of the Arts. It was awesome. The speakers, the dancers, and just the presentation was beyond my expectations. Even my family applauded the ceremony. The second graduation was NYU-wide. It was so hilarious because so many of my classmates were hung over from the night before.
The ceremony was so dry that I couldn't stand it. It was as dry as shredded wheat with no milk. But it was nice being out in the park and I am glad that the weather held up. I'm grateful that my family was here and to see my dad so proud brought tears to my eyes. Thank God