Random Stuff

Here are some pics and vids from the last couple of weeks. I can't believe that I haven't posted these yet.

Here are my bowling team members, Matty and Rob.

Here are two of my co-workers (Vanessa and Olena) while we were out last Friday. No, they're not gay .... well..... a little curious but that's it.

Vanessa's runway walk and then beating my ***

Loren's idea of a workout

How to fix and overfilled cup

Jehovah's Witnesses Leading the Way to Tolerance?!?

Many people have a few things to say about Jehovah's Witnesses, including myself after my parents became one while I was in school. But I found this video on-line and it holds true to their belief and holds a different and positive view of JW's.

Discovery Channel's Outrageous Outreach

For Shark Week, the Discover Channel contact a firm to help market the annual show. What they came up with is one of the ingenious and scary marketing campaigns I've ever seen. Showing how companies are using Facebook to learn more about you. Get into the video below.

Shark Week Case Study from Campfire on Vimeo.

Terry Crews in New Old Spice Commercial