Bloom Spring 2010

Last night I attended an event entitled Bloom. This had to be one of the best events that I've been to in a very long time. I'll start with the venue, the Arena. It was the perfect size for the event with enough seating and very conducive for an energetic crowd. There were several cascading levels that made it so that there was a not a bad view anywhere.

The crowd was fantastic, filled with great-vibin', non-dramatic people who were all about dancing and enjoying life. Many of them are black, professional, SGL men and women. I'm talking about recording artists, professors, entrepreneurs, brokers, etc. It was predominently an older set with an average age probably in the 30's. There were male and female go-go or burlesque dancers who were covered in tribal paint spread throughout the club. Live African drumming to the tribal house beats being played added to the experience. I have to add, the music was awesome. I also loved the many African dancers bringing their flare to the dance floor.

There was also live model painting, that's right. Models were on the stage and being painted with tribal paint while they posed. There were videos being played on the walls, many of which I have to find because they really caught my interest. You know I'm a video geek. I definitely plan on being at the next event this summer.