Dy'Ari's Listening Party

If you saw or read my post about the white party, then you read that I mention Dy'Ari. Dy'Ari has been labeled an electro-pop artist but I think he transcends that label. I've heard him sing R&B, jazz, and pop and he does it well.

Last night Dy'Ari had his listening party for an anticipated 2 CD's to be released in the next few months. There were over 70 people who stopped by and listened to selections from the upcoming CD's (Inked & Encyclo-Dy'Ari). Unfortunately I didn't receive a list of all of the songs played but some of my favorites to note are "Colors of me" and "Sexy". Colors of me is a very smoothed out R&B song that sounds like Ne-Yo would have had his hands in it. By far, I think this is my favorite song. Sexy is a more up-tempo, club song that just serves it to you. If I had a body like his, I would write a song called sexy as well. But I won't go on and on about the various songs but instead will give you a few places to follow this independent artist and a few vids of previous performances. Check him out and let's support him.

Dy'Ari's Official Links

Here are some of the pics from the listening party held last night at Secrets in Manhattan.


Lyrically speaking August 09, 2009 9:05 PM  

Boy,you're having way too much fun without me, lol,miss you much