Fellowship 2009

Many of you know that I attend Rehoboth Temple church. Well, we had our Fellowship conference which is where all of the churches from all over the world come for a week long conference full of events, workshops and fellowship. It was so uplifting to see other SGL people worshiping God and loving themselves and others. There were over 4000 people there in ATL and was truly a blessed event. I kept crying for the first three days listening to the testimonies of others like Rizi Nasele Timane's.

Rizi is a Nigerian born, equal rights activist whose story challenges me in my comfort zone. You can check out her video here. Listen to the words of the song titled, "Come Out" here.

Here are some of the pics and vids that I managed to capture while there. Some were taking during the banquet for Bishop and there is a lot of background noise but you get the idea. I tried to catch some of the shouting moments but kept going in myself. Oh well.

Here is the step team from the conference

This is my new sis Tanya Maryoung

Teresa Teri & UniQue

Acting stupid with the guys on the Jacksons


Unknown July 23, 2009 1:04 PM  

this sounds soooo great!

yet another black guy July 27, 2009 1:20 PM  

Okay first off why you got me laughing on that last video like this! But it's great to see people not letting the homophobic and ignorant statements of others in the 'church' skewer their view of themselves or their personal relationship with God. Good for you!