Friday's Events

This is just a quick post to put up some images from Friday. The first set of pics are from a musical event where Nhojj performed. It was at this place called Temple M in Harlem. It used to be a mansion and then was converted to a synagogue and then a church until it was purchased by Mi'Chelle (the man with the Sweeney Todd haircut) and turned into a performance space. He now lives in this awesome apartment at the top, if you are really nice he'll show it to you.

Afterwards, I ran over to Newark for Shawn QT's birthday party. I felt so bad because I realized at that point that it has almost been a year since the last time I hung out with the guys. It was really nice to see everyone again and to see that so many of them are now hooked up. I resolve to stay in better contact. Anyway, here are the pics


Darius T. Williams March 31, 2009 5:38 AM  

Great times indeed! You guys know how to live it up on the east coast!