As some of you know, I dropped by Blackberry Pearl in the toilet about a month ago while brushing my teeth hastily. Some of you know because you were the unfortunate victims of countless blank text messages and/or phone calls that it would make without my prompting. lol Well, after much deliberating, sweat and tears, I have finally broken down and purchased my new cell phone. Let me introduce you to my Prada. That's right, I said Prada. It was designed by the Prada House down to the leather carrying case and developed by LG. Let me just say that I feel fabulous. lol

It has a touchscreen interface and is smaller than the iPhone. It definitely doesn't have all of the features that come standard on the iPhone but is enough for what I need. It uses the FlashLite user interface which means that it will be easy for me to create my own applications as needed. It comes with a video player that will play mpeg4, H.263 and H.264 videos, music player, document viewer (.ppt, .doc, .xls. pdf.txt), Bluetooth, 2.0 mp camera and video recorder, and radio. I still have to play with it a little more, I just got it on yesterday. I will post some of the images and video from it soon.

Last Minute But Worth It

I just received this email and am trying to get it out ASAP. I definitely plan on getting my tickets for this. This will also be great for those of you who have company coming in town during the holiday season. Tickets must be picked up on Saturday, September 13 between 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

A night of Ailey for $19.58.
Tickets for this December 4th performance will be sold ONLY
at the Target 1958 Night On-Sale Party at the New York City Center Box Office.
Saturday, September 13th beginning at 10AM.
Learn more at www.alvinailey.org/target1958