Creative Challenge Submissions/New Creative Challenge

Here is my submission for the Fall Colors Creative Challenge.

New Creative Challenge:
Theme: Holiday Moments
Due Date: 1/3/08

Creative Challenge/ What's Going On With Me

Soldier sent hist submission for the last challenge and had just missed my posting. I don't want it to be missed so check it out here.

Creative Challenge
Subject: Anything dealing with fall colors
Deadline: 11/26 (Due to the holiday)

What's Going on With Me!!
I finally met a black man interested in me. Yes, we all thought it wasn't possible but lo and behold there is at least one. lol I was really starting to loose faith when I went out last weekend and the only guys that I met were an Aussie and an Irish guy. I thought, maybe I just need to accept my destiny. lol For those who don't know me, I am not prejudice it is just that I prefer black men. Don't get it twisted I have dated whites, and as of late latinos, before and may date them again. But It was just that I was wondering how am I carrying myself that I NEVER have any blacks approach me for relationships. Well I met this very creative and interesting guy at of all places, Chi Chi's. I was there on Karaoke night and met him. We have our first date tomorrow and I will have to keep you posted.

On a sadder note, my car was stolen today. Right around the corner from my apartment. It wasn't towed in any way but stolen. I am just over it. I am really hoping that they find it. It is really make it inconvient to get to my job and doing the other things that I have started doing since I picked up my car. This sucks!!!

Creative Challenge Submission

ShawnQt submitted this for favorite advertisement:

I love this ad because its just simple in design, color, & music, and it still portrays so much action and emotion!


Ty submitted this for favorite advertisement:
For my favorite advertisements, I had to choose "Heavenly Sword" first. I love this game. Primarily because of the graphics but also because of the story line.

Here are the commercials:

Here is the story line leading up to the game in order.

Creative Challenge For This Week:

Theme: Gum
Deadline: 11/16


Don't forget about the Creative Challenge. Click here for details


Well, to keep you guys updated with the guy I was dating, we are no longer together. It happened while we were going to a few Halloween parties. He became so jealous and possessive that he turned off most of my friends. He began telling everyone that we were boyfriends which was news to me. When I asked him last, he said that he enjoyed where we were as friends. He said things that offended people at the parties including my best friend. I was somewhat cool with that and willing to excuse it as he was drunk off of his ass. But what did it for me was on the way back to my place he begin to tell me that we were not compatible. WTF!!! I asked what do you mean? He said that he likes living his double lifestyle. He likes being closeted with his "friends" and for them not to know. I explained to him that is cool if that's what you want but that is not for me. I can't see myself voluntarily putting myself back in that bondage. So my question to him was, if you knew that, then why were you telling my friends tonight that we are boyfriends?!? Hell, there were some cute boys at one of the parties. I could have been working towards my next boyfriend. lol.

I wasn't going to blog about it and really won't touch it but would like to dedicate this to a couple of friends of mine who have decided to step away from each other. I honestly believe that (with what I know of the situation) that they will eventually get back together. Maybe it is just he romantic in me but I really do think they will. With that I dedicate this song to them from my favorite artist, Lalah Hathaway. Click here to launch.

Halloween Parade Pics/ Creative Challenge

Well, as promised, here are some of the pics from the Halloween Parade in NYC. I will be posting pics from a couple of parties later this week.

Creative Challenge
Well, this one is easy. Let's find our favorite advertisement. Then on your blog post the video, picture or whatever and state why it appeals to you. If you want to take it a bit further, you can create your own ad for that product using the same style. Reply to this blog with the link to your blog and I will create another post by next Saturday with all of the entries.