Too Funny

By Request

Someone asked me to post this to my blog. They sent the message as "anonymous" but will oblige the request anyway. These are some of my older works (last year). I will be posting some new work pretty soon. Anyway, here they are. You must click on the image and yes they have sound.




I know that I have posted anything to my blog in a while but I have been kind of busy. My job at the school (NYU) has ended since I have graduated (have to keep that position open to students). So now I have been supporting myself by free-lance work. I have been doing websites, programming, and installation art for various people including the London, England Museum of Art. I have now realized how much I hate free-lance work. I do not like living without a steady check. It is too hard to plan for antyhing. On top of that you have to work three times as hard just to find the clients before you even start working. Not to mention that there are periods of 2-3 days that I don't leave the house. Don't get me wrong, I thank God for the opportunity but have been applying for a few jobs outside of the free-lancing.

The interview process for these jobs that I have applied for is taxing. On one job, I have had 2 email interviews, 1 phone interview, and two, 2 hour interviews. The other I have had 2 email interviews, 3 phone interviews, and one, 3 hour interview. I just want one of them to say that I have it or not. I know, I should be grateful that I am evidently still in the running for these positions. It is just that these interviews have been spread over a month and in the meantime I have been somewhat reluctant to start other free-lance jobs. That is because I don't want to start a job and then be hired with one the companies and not be able to finish.

Anyway, that is what is going on. In the meantime I have been able to work on my own personal projects during the down time. When I finish some of them, I will post them.

BTW here are some pics that I didn't post from the West Indian Day Parade. Rep'ing the DR.

Midweek Laugh

This is a piece called "Fallen Art". I first saw it at "The Animation Show" last year. Found it on YouTube and just had to post. It is about 5:41 long. Tell me, am I wrong?

This is one of the bumpers from AdultSwim. This cracks me up just about every night. Not only is the dancing and editing of this funny but you have to read the subtitles.