If you loved "A Nightmare Before Christmas", I think that you will really enjoy this. It won't be out until 2/09 but wanted to help start a buzz.

Dreamgirls - The Lost Scene

You all know that I love the movie Dreamgirls but this was just too funny to me. I like that they keep cracking up in the background.

No Romance Without Finance? / White Party 2008

There has been a question on my mind for quite a while and am just now blogging about it. Sad, I know. But, I was talking with a co-worker a few months ago about her love life and she said that she had met this guy on-line and he seemed really nice. A few days later and after a few more conversations with the guy, she said they were going to meet. They had dinner and he was very attractive a great company. She could find nothing wrong with him, except that he worked as a truck driver. My response was, "So?". She said that she didn't want to date a blue collar worker. I asked, "Even if he makes a decent living?". She said that it doesn't matter. She can't get past dating a blue collar worker.

I was a little thrown back by this and thought of her way of thinking a bit superficial. But then I remember that several of my friends talk all of the time that they would date anyone who doesn't at least bring in what they bring in (money-wise) and that I shouldn't either. After talking with them a bit deeper, I understand that they want someone that is financially stable. In this way they can help bring each other upwards as opposed to having to carry someone. They also tell me that I should be looking for someone that, at least, has a least a masters. In other words, being my equal.

All of that had me thinking, am I too lenient with my dating practices? I usually don't look at someone's Y-T-D gross, net or their investment portfolio. As long as you can pay your bills and we can go out without you coming to me for money all of the time, then I'm cool. I also don't think that you need a piece of paper to say that you are intelligent. What do you think? Do I need to step up my game?

Pictures From The White Party 2008