Creative Challenge

Just a reminder for those who are participating in the Creative Challenge that the due date is 9/3. The theme can be seen to the right in the column under my pic. Remember this can be anything for photos, writings, paintings, songs, etc.

I have also found a new way for everyone to get their files to me. You will have to be invited, so if interested respond to this post and I will shoot you the invite. You will also need a free adobe account. All of this info will be in the email but you can pre-register by going to

Will Work For ...

I debated whether to blog about this or not because I don't want any new readers to get the wrong idea about me, but then again, it is me.

Ok, here we go. As some of you already know, I will sometimes video porn for a friend of mine. When I say video, I mean just and ONLY that. I do it because money is money and I am a little bit of a freak. With that being said, it has sooo tainted me against porn. Porn no longer excites me the way it used to. Half the time I am just waiting for them to cum so I can go home.

Up until recently, it has been a pretty good setup especially since I really haven't had to be involved. The most that I have had to do is let some of the guys look at my ass while they .... take matters into their own hands. And believe me that was not easy; trying to video while shaking my ass. lol However, the last couple of times that I have gone to shoot the guys haven't really been interested in my friend and it was ... umm ... evident. They moreorless wouldn't even get hard unless I was close to them where they could feel my warmth or without me exposing myself. Last night I had to put down the cam and roll up my sleeves. Again, I will say NO SEX or ANYTHING that would give me any diseases but I worked hard to get the money shot. Now I think my friend is bitter about it. I hope he realizes that it isn't because I'm more attractive or sexier (if you see him, you will see that isn't the case), it is just because I am the enigma. They already know that they can see/have him when they get there. I am the challenge for them and we already know how some people really get off on the pursuit of the challenge. I've been trying to talk to him about it but he isn't answering my calls. I may have inadvertantly killed that supplement to my income.


Sorry for two posting today but wanted to get this out because of the date sensitivity.

"Style Reloaded"
9/01/07 8pm-12am
HK Lounge New York: 39th & 9av
(Fashion Week Kick Off Party)
RSVP at by August 29th

*Open Bar Sponsored by p.i.n.k. vodka
*Special performance by Columbia recording artist Jesse O
Presented by Project Publicity

Fairgrounds IV Out At Night

Black? ... Latino? ... Blatino?

As of late I have been intrigued by an issue and although have my own thoughts about it, I was curious what others think.

For those who don't know, my biological dad is Dominican and my mom is Black (Geechee to be exact). I didn't grow up with my biological dad but with my step dad and mom. And I grew up under the Black influence. I have almost always lived in a mixed neighborhood (white/black) but my immediate family, church, and overall life experience was that of a Black male. When my dad tried to get me to learn Spanish, I really didn't see a need as I wouldn't be able to speak it with anyone. Yes, I grew up in Indianapolis, Latino population - 2% at that time. Of course it is different here where there are many Latinos.

Since moving here I have been trying to learn about the other side of me and the culture. It has been a wonderful experience and even therapeutic as in it I am learning to forgive my biological dad for some issues including abandonment.

What I am at war with internally is that I have noticed that when I tell Latinos, and especially Dominicans that I am half, they immediately say, "Oh, you're Latino' or "Oh, you're Dominican". I relate so much more with my Black roots that I feel a sense of abandonment to say that I am anything contrary. I also don't want to seem like some Blacks that think because they are mixed, that they are better than the rest. And God knows that I hate answering people with the, "I'm half Dominican and black" response when people ask. It makes me feel pretentious. But, at the same time, I also feel that if I don't acknowledge being Latino, am I abandoning my other heritage, however unfamiliar I am with it?

Dr. Visit Gone Wrong

Beyonce at Macy's

Come out and meet the diva herself this week!

Thursday August 16th

As the one and only Beyonce Knowles makes a personal appearance at MACY's 34th Street Herald Square to promote Emporio Armani new fragrance DIAMONDS!!!!

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Create Challenge Submission/ New Theme

Well, there was only one this time. Hell, I didn't even do one. But I know it is summertime and that more people become active during the fall/winter with the challenges. Anyway, thanks to Daniel (Fuzzy) for his submission:

"Honestly, I would have to say that I inspire me! There have been moments where I look at myself and I see so much potential that I would hate to see it wasted by not doing anything with it. When I paint myself I would paint an inspirer, motivator, optimist, survivor, overcomer, compassion, love, understanding, peace and a touch of serenity. I look at me and I see all of that. I name myself because if i would name someone else I would find a fault of some sort. It is extremely hard to change someone other than yourself. So if I find fault in me I can make an effort to change it and inspire myself the more!"

Daniel T. James inspires Daniel T. James
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Creative Challenge
The new theme for the Crative Challenge is "Lust" as suggested by Cathy Delaleu. The deadline will be 9/3/07. Let's get creative y'all.