I'm Back..... Again (Part II)

Less than a week later, my leg swells up again. I called my physician
and he had me come right into his office for a look. He immediately
said that we were rushing to the hospital for surgery. I told him that
I needed to go home to pick up a few things and I would meet him there,
but really took some time and cried. I wassoooooo tired of being poked,
operated on, in the hospital for days on end for something that was
inflicted upon me. It was really hard, especially when the person who
did it is still living his life to the fullest.

Well after I arrived at the hospital, they rushed me right in to surgery but along the way the began asking me some unusual questions. They asked a lot about
my family health history and every answer that I gave seemed to make
them look more intense as if I said the wrong thing. Then, of course,
came the question about my HIV status. I told them the truth that I
have ALWAYS been healthy. Never any problems and that I have been HIV
negative but it was time for another test (my 6 months were up).

After spending Thursday - Saturday in the hospital, I really began wondering
what my tests would show. Even though I don't practice unsafe sex and
no medical problems historically, you never know. I worried so much
that I spent many restless nights up wondering if this is the moment.

long story short, they didn't find anything and released me on Monday. I am HIV negative since 6/18. My other blood work didn't show any other health problems and no
bacteria found in my leg. The physician thinks that after the hardware
was removed, there was still some bacteria that was left behind and
they antibiotics that they prescribed earlier just wasn't strong
enough. Also, that the yellow/red skin and toenail discoloration was
from the iodine that they used to clean out thebacteria.


Anyway, I will begin the "Creative Challenge" this week. I will post the theme by Friday so that everyone can begin working on it. It will proably have a deadline of the middle of July. I may also do another Pride scavenger hunt. I know that it may be slow for a while since I haven't posted in a while but I will call a few of you that I know are interested.

I'm Back..... Again

Well after yet another break, I'm back. I have been very busy with my new job, trying to get everything ready for the tradeshows and the new website. It has been crazy. On top of that, I have been having problems with my leg from my broken ankle incident.

For those who do not know, my ankle was broken in January 2006 as a result of domestic violence from one of my exs. I had a remarkable recovery and even from the incident, I felt no pain. I healed faster than many of the doctors expected and was walking when they thought I would just be coming out of stitches. So I have been blessed in that regard. However, about a month ago I noticed that I had some pain and unusual swelling. By the end of the day I was nauseated. Went in through the ER and found out that I had an infection. They kept me for a few days and sent me home on antibiotics.

About three weeks later, it happens again. Not as severe with pain but turned colors and swollen. So my doctor took out the hardware (screws and plates) that was placed in my leg with the initial operation. They said that my body started rejecting it. This is very unusual that it took over a year for my body to start rejecting it. But removing the hardware would fix the problem. After a few more days in the hospital, I was sent home with antibiotics. (to be continued tomorrow)