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This one if very..... interesting.

A Call For Entries From the RIDER Project 2006


The RIDER Project*, a mobile gallery in the back of a rented truck, is now accepting proposals for its September 2006 exhibition in N.Y.C. Artists, art-collectives, on-line communities and others, including spoken word poets, performance artists and musicians -- are invited to submit proposals.

Artworks can be exhibited within, beneath, above, or upon the RIDER truck gallery, or in the surrounding neighborhood of each exhibition. All media eligible - experimental work encouraged. Deadline June 30.

Special consideration will be given to:
every 25th applicant (with 9 entries per person, maximum); artists from Bedford Stuyvesant, Flatbush or Bushwick, Brooklyn; artists whose names begins with an **L**.

A TRIFECTA means you're IN.

Please submit proposal, images, and resume to

(*Please note that the RIDER Project is a do-it-yourself (d.i.y.) gallery created by participating artists. All artists will be required to help construct the gallery, "gallery-sit", and assist with the cost of the truck rental. Artists must be in N.Y.C. for the duration of the show. 'Alternative' accommodations possible for artists traveling from abroad.)

About the RIDER Project
The RIDER Project is a mobile gallery promoting mobile art and positive social change. For the last four years the nomadic RIDER gallery has brought new ideas, thoughts and feelings into diverse neighborhoods throughout N.Y.C. See for more information!

Celebrate South Africa!
Saturday, July 1
ANGELIQUE KIDJO in a tribute to Brenda Fassi & Miriam Makeba with VUSI MAHLASELA and a very special South African guest
An all-star tribute to two of South Africa's musical legends. The great Beninoise songbird ANGELIQUE KIDJO joins forces with VUSI MAHLASELA and another very special South African guest to perform their own songs along with selections of Fassi's and Makeba's work to celebrate South Africa's rich contribution to the modern African sound. Presented with major support from the South African Consulate General in New York and South Africa Tourism.
More info

Social Change or Stupidity?

I have really been wresting with something for quite a while. So I thought I would post my thoughts in an effort to release and maybe get some feedback.

I grew up in church my whole life. I knew where I was going to be on Sundays for years in advance. I love God and look forward to praising Him and giving Him thanks. Since I moved here, I have been part of a holiness church, which is what I am accustomed to. I enjoy just about everything in the services. However, lately, the pastor has been on this homosexuality kick. Don't get me wrong, I love him and his spirit. He is a wonderful man and even when he preaches about it, it isn't the gay bashing technique that some others do. He usually will just say something like "a man should walk like a man" or "a young woman should be a young woman". I guess to say, he does more alluding. The problem is that this has really made me think. Why do I give my money, time, and gifts to an organization that openly discourages my lifestyle? Why do I subject myself to that?

I understand that some people say that it is a way of social change. That by making ourselves actively seen and to be viable parts of the church that we are forcing them to accept us. I don't know if I agree with this stand for two strong reasons. 1) Just like we don't like people forcing their beliefs on us, why should we force ours on them? They have established a church/organization that doesn't believe in our lifestyle, why am I trying to force my way in? 2) Especially since there are gay and gay-friendly churches everywhere. Why not support these organizations?

I know that we are still in a fight for equal rights but does equal rights mean that we MUST be in EVERY organization that they are in? Or does it mean that we have the OPPORTUNITY to make OUR OWN organization/church and free to worship as we desire?

Artist Opportunities

Sorry that I haven't blogged about anything for a while but have been really busy. I have been commissioned to do an interactive piece for the London Museum of Art. And I don't mean London. Ohio. LOL In the process of interviewing for a steady 9-5 also. Freelance stuff if ok for supplementing my income but prefer a consistent check coming in.

Anyway, the Creative Challenge will continue next week. I want to allow other people to select the topics. Keep checking back for more info. This has been receiving a lot of praise. Actually got some business from the challenge. So artists, this is another way to get your work out there and build up your portfolio.

Speaking of getting yourself out there, here are some opportunities:

Grants Program
Asian American Arts Alliance, Association of Hispanic Arts, Harlem Arts Alliance, and Queens Council on the Arts - in partnership with the Bronx Council on the Arts and New York Foundation for the Arts - announce a new consortium effort, the Urban Artist Initiative / New York City (UAI/NYC). This Initiative will serve individual NYC artists of color and provide them with grants towards the development of new work in all disciplines. Grants, ranging from $250 to $2,500, will be awarded to support new works in all areas of visual, literary, and performing arts in the creation, development, and/or completion stages. In the first phase of this project, UAI/NYC will consider applications from individual artists of color of African, Asian, and Latino descent who reside in one of the five boroughs of New York City. More here

For Haptic, CAFKA invites proposals
for new or existing works that
engage with the theme and the environment in and around City Hall.
Works in all media will be considered including sculpture,
performance, video, audio, installation, photography, painting,
drawing and new media. Video artists are invited to submit work
relating to the theme. CAFKA.07 will create a video compilation to be
screened during the Forum. More here

If anyone is interested in collaborating, please let me know.

Creative Challenge Update

Last week's challenge has been extended until next week by popular request. I think some people really have some ideas for pride. Be sure to put them in the correct folder. See instructions to the right.

Along with the challenge, shawnqt suggested that we have a scavenger hunt for Pride. When thinking of a list, of course, the essentials of any Pride came up such as drag queens, exposed azz, nice breasts (female), and ugly breasts (man-boobs). But then I thought that this may be offensive, afterall there is more to being gay/bi that just that. So I thought about finding couples who have been together 5+ years. This will cause people to interact with others and see that long term relationships ARE possible. What are your suggestions?

My Earliest Childhood Memory

My earliest childhood memory is of me laying on my great-grandmother's floor. The sun was shining brightly and I could hear the neighborhood children playing outside. I was watching tv. and remember my mom and my grandmother waving goodbye. I remember being really concerned on their leaving but went back to watching tv. Afterall, Godzilla vs Gamera was on. How I loved Gamera!!! For you youngsters, he was a flying turtle monster who always fought to protect children. My babysitter then came and sat on the couch behind me. I rememeber him calling my name, Boo. That's right, my nickname was Boo, short for Bookie. Go ahead and laugh........ Is it out of your system yet?......... Ok, how about now?.... Good! Let's continue. He told me to come to him. When I did, he pulled out his dick and told me to suck on it. This evidently was nothing new because, although I don't remember, at that time it was familiar. He then made me take off all of my clothes and lay on my stomach watching tv. It was at this point that I felt him penetrate me. I remember him bouncing on me but I didn't understand what he was doing. I knew that it was wrong and I didn't like it (at least at that time). After he was done, he went into the kitchen and gave me a piece of cake. It had that old school icing on it, you know the thick kind. I hated icing for the longest time.

I was molested for a period of two years, from the age 3-5. I actually remember the whole ordeal which surprises people to this day. I remember vividly the accounts one after another by various people. When I told my parents (later when I was 17) what had happened, they didn't believe me. That was until I described the places down the the type of carpet and the wall colors. I remember my mom breaking down into tears. For the first time I saw my dad emotional in a way that really made me realize the impact it had on them also. To this day, I have never told them who my molesters were. That's right, I said were. They have since died of AIDS. At least the ones that I kept track. I don't rejoice in that but is another reason why I believe in Karma.

Of course, there were many issues and questions resulting from that ordeal. Why didn't that turn me off from sleeping with men, is among them. Maybe one day I will blog about some of those issues and the depth of them. I thank God for the strength to keep my sanity through it all. For parents that raised me in a way that taught me against such things so that I wouldn't repeat the cycle. And who for the rest of my childhood kept me ultra protected.

I am surprised that even with the number of times that I have discussed this with other people, even now I am welling up. For you city-slickers, that means about to cry. LOL Anyway, I was talking with some of the bloggers yesterday and I was surprised with the number of people who had been molested or fondled as a child. This made me think about an impromptu poll to see how many other people this has happened to. If you don't mind sharing, let us know if you were or not and if so, what helped you to get through it.

On a Lighter Note
Created and Directed by Yael Farber
Written in collaboration with the cast based on their life experiences

Based on the real lives of the five South Africans, AMAJUBA: Like Doves We Rise is a breathtaking portrayal of growing up in Apartheid. This unforgettable theatrical experience, told through heartwrenching narration, traditional dance, and stunning a capella harmonies, is a celebration of the strength of the human spirit.

Performed by: Tshallo Chokwe, Roelf Matlala, Bongeka Mpongwana,
Phillip “Tipo” Tindisa and Jabulile Tshabalala


For tickets, please call 212-307-4100 or visit
Plays Tuesday - Sunday at 8pm, Saturday & Sunday at 3pm

No Longer Porno Dude

Just a quick update on .... dum, dum dummmmmmm.... Porno Dude. I talked with him yesterday and this time he definitely remembered me. We talked and the conversation was a lot better this time. Some things that I found out about him are that he is 26 years old. Yes, we talked about the age difference already. He is close to his family and friends. They all get together and play cards and just hang out. He lives in Newark. Which is ok now, I used to be scared of visiting Newark. He is a virgo although I will try not to hold that against him. LOL But most importantly, I brought up the porno thing. He swears that it wasn't him and that he has never been in a porno. I told him that he has a dead ringer for a twin and needs to check it out. Thanks to everyone for the advice and I am glad that I didn't just write him off. Time will tell where it will lead. I will keep you posted.

How Long?

This situation involves a black man but whether black, white, latino, asian or whatever, I can't believe that this still goes on.

Langston Carraway, a 26 year old Black man lived with his girlfriend (a white woman) at Penn State College where he was a senior. He was found murdered in his apartment on Monday, June 5th. He was found with multiple stab wounds to the neck and chest area. On the wall near his body was the word 'NIGGER' smeared in his blood! Police and the Attorney General will not confirm this incident to be race related killing and refuse to release information on the crime scene or the investigation. Yet information on Carraway's criminal record has been conveniently released in an attempt to make the murder drug related.

The Daily News story can be read here.

It is bad enough that this has happened at all but to try to cover it up instead of confronting the true problem is mind-blowing. Historically, this is nothing new at Penn State. They have had several incidents very much like this one. How long will this go on?

Creative Challenge #2 Submissions

The second challenge is finished. There were a few more postings this time. YAY. The topic for this one was "graffitti". I am really excited about the work submmitted. Thank you sooooooo much.

The submissions are posted below, and remember ALL WORKS belong to the submitters. In other words, please contact the submitter for use.


White thick fog arose
I looked out the window
My dark-rimmed eyes cursing the lack of rainbows
Wishing for one last sweet rendezvous of what used to be
Videos of African rhythms that gripped my spirit
Bracketed hips that swayed
Back and forth
Hypnotic eyes lusting for the flesh
His dark flesh
A diplomatic pattern
that showered me
Held me
Wrapped my legs around his body
Glittering lies
Reminding me of what was once fed
Is now a world of famishment
Slowly dead
And I grumbled and ranted
Vile language of my mind
No proof of love in this establishment
No evidence of his floodwater
For he sucked me dry leaving me to die
With bed sheets thirsty for a beam of spotlight
Can I at least stand upright and see a sunrise?
Obscene were his lies covered in the papillae of his tongue
Saliva of a fabricator with foolish speeches
Believing he could save me from past obesity of heartbreak
And I swallowed hard his bit of food still left in my tongue
Began to feel cold as I looked up at the skies
Bowing at me sympathetically
Listing malicious homicide of bleeding clouds
The denouncer of love
Apparent, illuminating my nights
Love had lingered out the door
Leaving me with dust and smoke to inhale
Asthmatic road twitching my nose
No doves circling in the air
A tribe of crows shrilled
Piercing my winter’s merry go round
With graffiti wounds he left behind
(c)2006 by Cathy Delaleu

Posted by Delaleuverses

Posted by ShawnQT

These pieces are pics of standard graffitti combined with algorithmically created graffitti. Click on the pics below to open the applet. Once open, every time you click on the pic, the code recreates the algorithmic graffitti.

You will need to have Java and Quicktime installed. Most computers have it already but they are free downloads in case you don't have it.

Posted by Ty
Art is...
a form of expression that reaches deep within ones soul,
uniquely pure creativity,
a skill that can be learned through experience and/or observation,
something tasteful and appetizing,
a literal collection of words meant to convey a story or meaning,
relaxing to the mind, body and spirit,
a piece of us, as people, expressed for others to experience.

By: Daniel James


Posted by Fuzzy
Derron's Submission

Click image to view movie.
Posted by Dapper D

The info for next week's challenge can be seen in the right hand panel. Thanks again for everyone that submitted.

Porno Dude/Funny Video

I met this guy at the club about 2-3 weeks ago. I had noticed him on weeks prior but had never had any conversation. I was dancing by myself when this one guy from Atlanta started dancing with me. We danced for a while until this other guy, who I will call J, came in between us and began dancing very provocatively. It was hot. We danced for a while until it became very evident that J wanted to dance with me by himself by "accidently" spilling a drink on the guy from Atlanta. Don't worry it wasn't that big of a scene but happened nonetheless. We danced a little longer and then went downstairs where there was ..... a lot of .... cavorting. I went home by myself (as I always do) but he was on my mind. Later while in my collection of videos (he he) I recognized a face. That's right, he was or is a porn star.

I know that it is considered taboo in the NYC dating scene but I called him the next day. He was so torn down that he didn't even remember who I am. However, we still talked a few times on the phone and had mediocre conversations . Last night I go out and I see him again. I go up to him and asked if he remembered me now. Of course, he didn't but remembered me from the phone conversations. He wasn't drunk this time so thought I would spend a little time with him to see what was up. We danced and talked for a while and it was not as hot and steamy as before but comfortable. He was more timid but still sexy to me. While dancing with him this time, I remembered that this is the same guy that I noticed dancing at another club over 2 years ago, before I moved here. At that time I was in a relationship but remember thinking that he was too phyne.

I am kind of at odds about what to do. One side of me says to just let go and whatever happens... After all I have been checking him out for over 2 years. The other side says, HE WAS OR IS A PORN DUDE.

Saw this and had to post.

Events of Interest

Saw these on the Celebrate Brooklyn website. These are events that I plan on attending. These are free with a suggested donation of $3 and at Prospect Park in Brooklyn (of course).

JVC Jazz Festival
Saturday, June 24
SAVION GLOVER® with his jazz band The Otherz, and other special guests. Opening is the young pianist ROBERT GLASPER's trio, which has the jazz world buzzing with its unique sound.
More info

Celebrate South Africa!
Saturday, July 1
ANGELIQUE KIDJO in a tribute to Brenda Fassi & Miriam Makeba with VUSI MAHLASELA and a very special South African guest
An all-star tribute to two of South Africa's musical legends. The great Beninoise songbird ANGELIQUE KIDJO joins forces with VUSI MAHLASELA and another very special South African guest to perform their own songs along with selections of Fassi's and Makeba's work to celebrate South Africa's rich contribution to the modern African sound. Presented with major support from the South African Consulate General in New York and South Africa Tourism.
More info

Saturday, July 22
Brooklyn's own RONALD K. BROWN, " of the major modern dance choreographers to emerge in the past 10 years," (New York Times) and his sublime ensemble perform three works: Come Ye, Upside Down, and Grace, which was originally choreographed for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.
More info

Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Friday, July 28
R&B's new queen LEELA JAMES, a direct descendant of Tina Turner, Mavis Staples, and Aretha, "has funk, soul, and a whole lotta church in those mighty pipes…(her) husky vocals ring out like a thunderous prayer for love finally answered." (VIBE) First, witness the triumphant reunion of BFE SOUND SYSTEM, aka the BROOKLYN FUNK ESSENTIALS, the borough's legendary funk/hip-hop/acid jazz collective.
More info

Washington Mutual Concert Series
African Festival

Saturday, August 5
This year's celebration of African music, food, and culture is cross-continental affair that will keep you dancing all day headlined by the Congolese rumba supergroup KÉKÉLÉ. The mysterious masked Nigerian LÁGBÁJÁ, heir apparent to Fela Kuti's Afrobeat throne, leads the rest of the lineup, which includes Madagascar-born and Gabon-raised R&B singer RAZIA, pan-African hip-hop with the AFRICAN UNDERGROUND ALLSTARS featuring CHOSAN of Sierra Leone, DOLA of Tanzania, and other special guests, and MARTINO ATANGANA & AFRICAN BLUE NOTE, whose fusion of funk, jazz and an array of West African styles throws a hint of NYC into the mix.
More info

The full schedule can be seen here. Mark your calendars.

The Bodies Exhibit

Don't forget to see my post below for the results from the Creative Challenge #1 and the topic for #2.

Bodies Exhibit
If you have the chance, you seriously have to check out this exhibit. For those who do not know this exhibition features real human specimens to better inform people of the complexities of the human body. It is a nice mix of education and art. It is at the South Street Seaport Exhibition Centre
11 Fulton Street,New York, NY, 10038 (at the corner of Front Street)

Even though I knew what the exhibit was about I was still amazed at the pain-staking detail and display of the pieces. There were pieces that were informative and interesting while aesthetically beautiful at the same time. I don't want to tell you about it so that it cheapens the experience but to give you an idea of what I'm talking about here are some examples. There were pieces where the they had taken the skeleton out of a body and put it on a stand and in front of it had the rest of the body (muscles, tendons, etc) in front of it holding the skeleton's hand. There were other pieces that had every nerve from the top of the head to the bottom on display. Even though there were not bones or muscles, you can still see the detail of the mouth, lips, eyes, and toes. Simply awesome.

I highly recommend it. My only regret is that I didn't take my family to it before they left town. Be warned, go when you have plenty of time to read all of the information that they have posted.

Creative Challenge #1 Results/CC#2

The theme for last weeks' CC#1 was "leaves". Here are the posts:

There weren't many contributions but hopefully it will pick up with time. If anyone has any input, questions or concerns, please let me know. Do you think that a week is long enough with everyone's busy schedule? Also looking for topics. As a reminder, this isn't a contest or for judgement. How we did it before was that everyday you had only 20 minutes to create something representing the theme for the week. So most of the work viewed was not finished. This is just to keep creativity flowing.

Creative Challenge #2
This weeks' topic is "graffiti". This can be ANYTHING created by you; song, music, writing, poem, graphic design, motion graphic, animation, video, picture, etc.

Plight Of The Cinema

Yes, I know that this is my third post this week. It won't be like this every week but have something on my mind.

I went to see X-Men on Friday. I loved the movie and thought they did a wonderful job staying close to the original comic storyline. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you about the movie for those still waiting to see it. Be warned, I just found out that there is a small piece at the end of the movie AFTER the credits. I am mad because we left during the credits.

I will say that the movie going experience was less than desired. I went with some friends to Jersey Garden's Loews. I went there for the first time about two years ago and it was really nice. This time it made me not want to go to the movies again. You had the people with babies at a 10:40 p.m. show. Then you had the people who had to respond after each scene not realizing that the buzz of everyone doing this makes it hard to others to pay attention to what is going on at that moment. Then you had the drunken group of guys who you heard entering the theatre talking loud and just being stupid. Why won't people act right in public? I just don't understand. Why can't you go to a movie and enjoy it without country, ghetto, ignorant, drunken, late night baby-carrying people messing the whole experience up? It makes me wonder, how long will it be before people who want to experience the movie, and not hear what the person in row 18 thinks, totally abandon the cinema experience. Will cinema be a thing of the past like the drive-in movies because of rude, inconsiderate people? Will it lead to there being two screens, one that you pay more for in order to keep out the "undesireables" and then the "common" one?